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Samsung SDI

Art's Web Pages 

Links to popular sites of all areas, but focuses on Doom editing (levels, graphics, sprites, wads), deathmatch, and iFrag. Includes links to popular search engines.

Arts and Entertainment


Celebs on the Web 

A growing list of celebrities that you can contact directly on the net.

Codexx, The 

Topics include Comics, Gaming, Movies, Books, Art, Music, and every other Entertainment Site.

eDrive: Web Guide



Provides sources for movies, music, and TV. Also includes news, movie reviews, interviews, and more.

ENN Backstage 

CD audio samples, movie-music previews, late-breaking news, new and upcoming in entertainment, clubs, tours, realaudio interviews.

ENN Nightlife A-Z 

LOCAL 60 city-by-city world nightlife, concerts, clubs, music events from Boston to Tokyo.


Links to movie, music, recreation, and television related sites.

Entertainment Network News (ENN) 

Entertainment news, radio, TV, movies, music, rock, video, computer news, industry info megasite.

Giglmons Cafe


Great Entertainment Ring


Great Link, A 

Links to bands, celebrities, movies, supermodels, TV shows, and more.

Guide, The 

On-line handbook for professionals working in film, radio, television, music, and video. In German and English.

Hell Hole, The 

Links to movies, TV, music, and computers.

Just Go


MacJames Entertainment Page 

Links to TV, movies, celebrities, and music.




Links to cable, movies, TV, radio and the print media.

Movie Magik 

Links to television networks and movie studios.

Pazsaz Entertainment Network 

Features information on cartoons, sci-fi television, cooking, news, Goosebumps, and Power Rangers.

Post Neurobellum Creations


Scope The Scene 

Fntertainment guide. Search for night clubs, bars, movies, restaurants, and golf courses.

Secret E-Mail Addresses and Fan Pages 

Index of fan, fan club and celebrity pages.

Single Source, The 

Reference guide to real estate, art, global and local events, press releases, business listings, travel and leisure, up-to-date news and more.

Star Seeker



Interactive directory for restaurants, clubs, movies and entertainment

Toob, The 

Guide to audio and video events on the internet.


The online music and entertainment guide with good stuff for DJs, dance music people and fans of new media.


Links to movie and TV sites.

Ultimate, The 

view and submit things that can be considered the ultimate.

Uncle Bear's Cavern of Wonders


Women Celebrities 

Resources and links to information and pictures of actresses, singers, journalists, supermodels, and sportswomen.

Xplore Entertainment 

Read comics or chat about anything to anyone. That's why you wanted the WWW hookup in the first place, right?


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