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An independent site devoted to contemporary film review and discussion, film festivals announcements and field reports, and essays on film craft and filmmaking.



Offers reviews, trailers, gossip, box office results, soundtrack information, and more.


Absolute Movies

Includes movie news and reviews.


Ain't It Cool News 

Daily dose of cool movie news. Specializing in revealing behind the scenes on upcoming films. Brought to you by Harry Knowles.


Cinema Crank 

With daily news updates.


CNN Showbiz: Movie News

See movies news


Cosmic Landscapes: Film & Video Review 

A 10-year-old fanzine devoted to the movies.


Countdown: The Ultimate Fan Site 

Get in line with die-hard fans from around the world as we count the days till the hottest movies arrive.


Domain of LordTalix, The 

With movie news and reviews.


Film Finders Buzz 

Weekly column providing the latest inside information about films, festivals and markets. Covering from development through completion.


Film Scouts 

Offers filmographies, reviews, and more.


FilmLand News 

Provides a concise weekly news digest compiled for independant film and television professionals.



Provides latest movies.


Final Cut 

With news, box office results, reviews, coming attractions, and much more.



film and script reviews and news.


Flixman's Burbank 

With news, gossip, and satire about SF, action, and indie films.



A daily independent film news service.



Industry news and reviews written by fans for fans.


Making Film 

Focuses on independent filmmaking by providing news, reviews, festival information, and more.



Interviews, news, and previews covering film, movies, TV, and music.


Movie Culture Online 

Links to reviews, sneak previews, news, merchandise, message boards, and more.



With news, reviews, and info on becoming a movie extra.


MSN: Movies 

Includes a scorecard that compares ratings from different critics.


My Movies.Net 

Includes trailers, news, interviews, and reviews.



News, reviews, release schedules, and show times across the UK.


Reel Site, The  

Current and upcoming movie news.


Rough Cut  

Translating the movie industry for viewers and visitors worldwide.



Underground entertainment network for movies, television, music, games, and technology.


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