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Web Directory: games.2nd.net 

Play the games worth playing - a collection of quality Java and Shockwave games 4 U.

Web Directory: Shockwave Games


Web Directory: Quickbreak 

Includes links to Pacman, Connect Four, jigsaw puzzles, word games, and more.

Web Directory: Rated AD&D Web Sites (RAWS) 

Employs a panel of judges to visit and rate AD&D Web sites. Visitors to RAWS are provided with rated links to these sites.

Web Directory: Other Foosball Sites


Web Directory: Links to Virtual Worlds Sites


Card Games Web Site: Go Fish, Authors 

Rules of both games, including variations.

Game Sites on the Web


Web Vengeance 

An application you can use to waste web sites.

Web Directory: Best Links For PC 

Links for PC related Companies, FTP and Gopher sites and Games.

Web Directory: Virtual Guide to Easter 

Links to inspirational sites, greeting cards, fun and games.

Best Sites on the Internet 

Provides best sites in the areas of Christianity, Business, News, Games, Computer applications, Internet access, Education, and Vacation.

Electron Games 

Links to game, emulator, cheats and hints, board and card game sites.

Games TOP 10 

Gaming portal with a Top 10 list of gaming sites divided into various genre/platform dedicated categories. Daily gaming news and updates.

Web Directory: NES Webring of Power 

A directory of sites that support the original Nintendo 8-bit NES system.

The First Asian Electric Light Orchestra Web Site 

This site comes to you from Hong Kong, with a collection of games, rare picture sleeves, interviews and more.

Nikolai's Web Site 

An interactive playground for children 4+ containing stories, printable crafts, recipes, online games, show'n tell plus lots more!

Jerry's Crash Test Dummies Web Site 

Features biographies, sound clips, discography, fan club information, games, and more.

Lipsett, Susan - Ultimate Web Site 

Links to games + entertainment, www info, and tools to create your own home page.

Mystical Web Site of Goemon 

Covers every Goemon game from the NES to the N64. It even covers games that were only released in Japan.


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