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Offers reviews, strategies, interviews, previews, screenshots, news, and more.



Archive of game ftp locations and files. Download demos, mods, levels for popular games and more.


Future Games Network

Game network of high content game sites.



Offers features, reviews, downloads and more.



Computer game reviews, demos, patches, cheats, hints, walkthrus, Easter eggs, and videos.





Audio site with up to date news and information. Reviews, interviews and other features. Information for audio-minded gamers.



News, software/hardware reviews and cheats for games, mainly for PC and Playstation.


5 Games

News, reviews, previews, and more.




Adrenaline Vault

Provides reviews, features, downloads, and more.


All Views Network 

Gaming news and information.


Antagonist Games Network 

Features gaming information for the N64, PlayStation and PC.


Association of Adventurers HeadQuarters - gaming community site features reviews, demos, cheats and walkthroughs. Hosts chapters dedicated to Quake 2, Starcraft, Ultima Online, and more.


Aureal A3D Central 

A3D news and information.



Offers a large selection of animations, backgrounds, buttons, trim, and an online video arcade.


Battalion Network, The


Battle Realm



Reviews and downloads of games for the BeOS.


Bernie Messenger Bernie vs. The Space Guys

Online game involving a San Francisco messenger pitted against space aliens.



Information on the latest beta games available.


Christian Gaming 

Information, reviews and gaming connections focused on the Christian community.


Coliseum Game Central

With cheats, reviews, demos, screenshots, and more.



Codes, news, previews, reviews and more.




Crazy Gamerz Online


Crypt, The

Information on computer games from the mid 80's.


CyAlchemy Gaming Haven

Duide to the hotest online and network gaming services and titles.


Daily Demo 

Game downloads.


Dawg Pound, The 

Gaming news and articles.



Multiplayer games downloads.


Demo Planet 

PC game demos and reviews.



PC, Macintosh and Linux game demos.


Electric Games


Elite Gamers Online

Offers gaming information, files, cheats and hosting.


ESC Magazine


Evil Ed's Video Game Action News

Also features reviews, contests and more.





Feature developer interviews, chat sessions, game forums, screenshots, demos & game patches.


Extreme Games


Finnish Gamers


G-Files, The 

Game resource center.


Game Addict 

PC game news, reviews, demos, patches, utilities, and drivers.


Game Buys


Game Depot

Includes previews, reviews, cheats, hints, FAQs and more. Download demos of all the most popular games.


Game Downloads Online 

Including shareware, patches, and levels.


Game Dudes


Game Experts 

Cheat codes, demos, news and more.


Game Forces 

Offers gaming news, reviews, and previews.


Game Haven 

Source of game reviews, downloads, patch info, and screenshots.


Game Nation

Reviews, previews, news, columns, challenges, and more.


Game Nexus

Find all the game information you're looking for in one place. We havbe free games, hints and cheats. Always updated!


Game Over Online Magazine


Game Post

Gaming news source plus reviews, previews, interviews, and more.


Game Prix

Previews and reviews.


Game Sites Network


Game Venue 

Offers news, reviews, charts, job listings and CVs for the gaming industry, features, downloads, and more.



The latest reviews, previews, news, and features on all the newest computer games.


Game reviews and downloads.



Interviews with developers of PC and Video games.



Game related art, software, reviews and tutorials.



Downloads, reviews, previews, themes, and codes.





Gaming news, reviews, previews, interviews, codes, and hosted sites.




GameNation Network 

Reviews, news, downloads and site hosting.


GamePage, The





Gaming resource including chat, downloads, reviews, hints and cheats, used games, and more.


Gamer's Alliance Network 

A games site for gamers by gamers with PC, MAC, and Nintendo 64 coverage.


Gamer's Inn, The


Gamer's Review



Detailed gaming information for both PC and Mac games.



Site for hardcore game players looking for news. Includes a customizable interface.


Gamers Central

Includes reviews, previews, MPOG, links to game developers and magazines, and more.


Gamers Gazette 

Game-fan newsletter.


Gamers Revolution


Gamers' Crypt


Gamers' Warehouse, The



Offer authoritative content in the field of multi-player, online games.




Gamerz Library


Gamerz Vault.com

Offers news, reviews, previews, and downloads.




Games Domain


Games Place, The

Includes a large download section, game software company listing, and a hot games page.


Games Realm

A unique page devoted to games and companies. Also has an internet gaming section, links, and a featured game page.


Games Xtreme



Dedicated to the discussion of computer games on all platforms. Opnions about games, questions about completing games, and answers to these questions are quite welcome.



Five channels of news, reviews, previews, demos, and tips for fanatics and amateurs alike.



New Zealand site dedicated solely to games. It caters to both multiplayer and single player games.



Lots of shareware, freeware and demo games! All rated, screenshots, and more!



Tasmanian gaming site includes Quake and Kali servers, consoles, reviews and downloads.





Multi-lingual pc gaming site. News, reviews, articles, trends in the gaming industry, and a huge games info and solutions database!



Game news, reviews, editorials.


Gamestats News Network 

Provides the computer gaming community with news, reviews, and computer game information.





Hints, reviews, screenshots and links.



Reviews of PC and console games and hardware as well as cheats, hints, walkthroughs, demos, patches, and game industry news.




Gaming Entertainment Monthly 

PC and console reviews and previews; demos available as well.


Gaming Haven 

Game news, reviews, hints, cheats, demos and patches.


Gaming Planet 

Demos, hints, reviews, add-ons, and more.


GG8.com - Canadian Gaming Server





General gaming news, review, previews, rants and more.


GotGames Network


Grrl Gamer


Happy Puppy 

Online resource for computer games.


Hot Magma's Games

Direct download all the popular demos and see game pages.






Insomniax.net( for Gamers) 

Cultivating news and information by gamers for gamers. Latest news, patches and downloads, with resources, forums and much more for a variety of games.



An unofficial look at the games of Interplay.


Jeff's Ultimate Gaming Site 

PC game strategies, cracks, emulation, and more.


Josh's Game Page 

Offers hints, strategies, and walkthroughs, and games to play.


Kevin's Game Bunker


Kick Ass 

PC game demos, cheats and toys complete with a list of game companies.





PC and console articles, interviews, rants, editorials, tutorials and more.


LordGamer's Page 

Demos, games, patches, and news.


Mad Dog Software

Games, download and reviews, free game cheat newsletter.



Newest games, coolest shareware, maps and downloads, etc.



With cracks, trainers, hacks, editors, emulators, multiplayer info, and other features.





Pics, chat, survey, sounds, etc.



Database of PC gaming industry with descriptions, screenshots, boxcovers, reviews, ratings, and links.


NuclearWinter Gaming Network

Website dedicated to gaming and its many faces. Covers Dreamcast, Playstation, Ninendo but has a primary focus on PC Games.


Online Gaming Review



Offering game patches, program updates, and video drivers.


PC Blitz 

PC game reviews, previews, news, and more.


PC Fan

News, reviews, previews and more.


PC Game Review

Reviews by gamers for gamers. Hints and Tips message board, and manufacturer's links.


PC Gameworld 

Computer game reviews, playable demos, cheats, hints, walkthroughs, and game patches, updated daily.


PC Paradox 

Hardware and software previews, reviews, news, and downloads.



Reviews, demos, cheats, add-ons, and info for almost every PC game. Updated daily.



Featuring gaming news, reviews, previews, interviews, cheats, and demos.



With reviews, demos, interviews with the cast of game makers, news on releases from publishers, and support like cheat codes.



Demos, backgrounds, reviews, cheats, etc.


plug & play

Gaming news and reviews from the SF Bay Guardian.


Quantum House 

Includes reviews, tips, and links to developers.


Rare Network





Source for Raven Software and industry news.


Real Time Gaming Network


Reality Games Network

News, reviews, links and more.


RealityVision Network 

A gaming network with PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PC, PSX2, and NES sites.


Serious Gamer's

Cheats, links, and reviews for PC games.


Sharky Extreme 

3D graphics card and games site. Updated daily with news reviews and previews.


Stals.CoM Gamecenter


Star Base 9

Gaming news, previews, reviews, articles and more.



News, files, and information on all of Ion Storm's games.




Ten Questions With Sam Hell 

Gaming interviews with developers.


UK Sports Network

Reviews, previews, interviews, and more.


Ultimate Games

Contains previews, reviews and news on PC, N64, playstation and dreamcast.


Ultimate Gaming Zero


Virtual Arcade


WarZone Online Gaming Network 

News, previews, reviews, interviews, and more.


Web Fun

Play online games, download free games, sell your unwanted games.


Wewp! Entertainment


WIRED World Of Games 

For players into old and classic computer games.



Caters to the interests and needs of different types of woman gamers.


ZD Net Games


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