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Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh



Other Sites

FACS Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms 

Definitions of economic terms most often encountered by journalists.


The Mint 

Teaches basic economic principles to middle and high school students, teachers, and parents.


About.com: Economics

Includes feature articles, link library, bulletin board, chatroom, and newsletter.



E-texts on the history of economic and social thought.


Associative Economics 

Approach to modern economics that fosters cultural diversity, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Features journal, events, and seminars.


Bibliography of Economic Impacts of Recreation and Tourism


Bibliography of Economic Literature 

From the American Economic Association.


Capitalism Site 

Philosophical, economic, moral, and political examination of capitalism.


Commodity Buffer Stocks

Information on the use of commodity storage to stabilize prices, output, and employment, based on Benjamin Graham's propositions.


Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economic Network

Economic and financial charts in Online Chart Room. Latest financial and business indicators and trends. Weekly analyses, topical studies, and timely forecasts.



Links to important works of economic theory and research.


EcoSim: The Economic Simulation 

A multi-user simulation designed for use in the following courses: principles of economics, intermediate economics, monetary eco- nomics, mathematical economics, public sector economics, principles of finance.


European Economic and Monetary Union@


Globalization & Human Rights

Companion site to the PBS special focusing on the ongoing debate over whether or not human rights concerns should be linked to economic policies.



Definition and examples.


Impact of Inflation

Addresses perceptions of, and theories behind, inflation. By Rebecca Hellerstein of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


Information Economy, The

Resources and links related to economics of the Internet, information goods, intellectual property, and more.



Contains an economics search engine, job openings for economists, and conference calls in economics as well free alert services for the latter.


John Miller's Computational Economic Modeling


Joint Economic Committee: This Week in Economics

Weekly information concerning the latest economic statistics, stock market information, relevant economic news stories, new JEC economic reports, and news.



Jokes about economics and economists.


Luxembourg Income Study Information Server (LIS/LES)

Cooperative research project whose members include 25 countries. Site includes papers, newsletter, documentation, and scheduled workshops.


Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Global Economics Forum



Collection of networking projects for academic economics.


Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles [Christian Zimmermann]

Contains directories, bibliographies, computer code, conference info, data for researchers in quantitative macroeconomics.


Sandia National Laboratories: Aspen 

A microsimulation model of the US economy that has the potential to significantly improve capabilities for analyzing and comparing economic policies.


sci.econ.research archive


FAQ - Capitalism  

Through answering basic questions about capitalism, this site attempts to explain the true nature of it and debunk popular myths.


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