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Bangladeshi Sites


First portal web site from Bangladesh


Techno biz

Check out for E-commerce for Bangladesh



First E-Commerce Bank in Bangladesh



About E-Commerce and all types of Information

Other Sites

E-Commerce Info Center 

Directory of news, information, and resources for online consumers and merchants.


Electronic Commerce Guide 



Industry consortium dedicated to accelerating the growth of Internet commerce and creating business opportunities for its members.


Computer Security Survey 1997 

Investigation into the perceived and actual security risks of doing business online by Colin Germain


E-Business Best Practices 

Resource that examines the best and worst that the Web has to offer in e-commerce design and execution. From ZDNet and Creative Good.


E-commerce in India

List of sites that examine the companies, the industry developments, and the regulatory and legal issues that are affecting Internet-enabled India. From AsiaSource, a resource of the Asia Society.


E-Commerce Market Research

Helps companies to identify their ecommerce needs and provides a means to contact e-commerce solution providers that best fit their business model.


Easton, Jaclyn

Host of the nationally syndicated radio show Log On USA, columnist, commentator, author, and speaker specializing in electronic commerce and interactive marketing.



An industry backed effort to create a set of uniform field names that streamlines the process by which merchants collect electronic data for shipping, billing, and payment.


eCommerce Trust Study

Research report in .pdf format from a survey by Cheskin Research and Studio Archetype.


Electronic Commerce Hotbed

Includes Singaporean government e-commerce policies, information on infrastructure, research, and more.


Electronic Commerce Survey 1996

Marketing research project evaluating the effectiveness of electronic commerce on the Internet.



Web marketing and commerce news, links, community, and more.



Collection of resources to help set up an e-business.


Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce 

Focuses on identifying solutions and providing input on regulation and/or business self-regulatory codes of conduct.


GlobeSet ecProfessional

Web directory of information, news, and resources.



Monitoring the online customer experience for usability and strategy.


Intermarket Group LP

Twice-weekly briefing service on e-commerce industry news and implementations.


Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce 

Informs professionals and supports discussions of electronic banking and commerce issues.


Malaysia E-Commerce Hub 

Site includes forums, activities, news, resources, projects, and links.


Manufacturing Information Resource Locator: Electronic Commerce 

Introduction to e-commerce designed especially for manufacturers. Includes a primer, FAQ, and glossary; and a section on implementation.


Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments 

Owen Graduate School of Management - Vanderbilt.


Mid-America Payment Exchange (MPX) 

Electronic payment information for financial institutions, companies and individuals.


NAFTA Related EDI and Electronic Commerce


National Automated Clearing House Association

Nonprofit trade association that promulgates rules and operating guidelines for electronic payments.


NetBill Electronic Commerce Project

Designing the protocols and software to support charging for network-based goods and services delivered over the Internet.




Project 2000 

Research Program on Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments


Roger Clarke's Electronic Commerce Listings


SEMPER - Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe 

An ACTS R&D project in the area of secure electronic commerce over open networks, especially the Internet.


Service Machine 

Practical tools and information to help small enterprises incorporate e-commerce solutions.


Smart Card Resource Center

Smart card related resources: FAQ, forum, biometrics, health care, POS, ID, and more.


SmartCard News


Tender I.N.F.O 

Tenders, expressions of interest, requests for information, grants and funding.


Transaction Net 

Links and essays pertaining to electronic commerce.

Web Directory: Ecommerce1

Provides listings of consultants, hardware and software providers, news sources, and more.



Central link to electronic commerce and secure, electronic banking and payment methods.


WIPO Electronic Commerce 

Addresses issues of how intellectual property both affects and is affected by electronic commerce.


WWW Consortium Docs on Electronic Payments


ZDNet: E-Business

A guide to Internet commerce including news, features, and best practices.


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