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Lawful marriage makes her ‘mother-in-law’

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July 6, 2000 


AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Joseph Pileggi thought he knew the woman he was marrying.

But the woman he wed three years ago apparently wasn't 83-year-old Ducile Palermo. It was her 61-year-old daughter, Carli Buchanan.

Pileggi, 69, says he was shocked when he came across the marriage license that had Buchanan signed as the bride and Palermo as a witness. He says he thought he married Palermo, with whom he'd lived since 1992.

"He truly is in a state of disbelief," said Russell Pry, Pileggi's attorney. "This is something he can't understand, particularly at this stage of his life. He still has a hard time believing what happened. He wants this over with yesterday."

But the daughter claims Pileggi knew he was marrying her and that they consummated the wedding the same day.

The matter is now in court.

Pileggi is suing for an annulment from Buchanan and has filed a civil lawsuit against Palermo, claiming she committed fraud when she duped him at the altar. The daughter has counter sued for divorce, seeking temporary spousal support and a portion of his assets.

Palermo, meanwhile, has filed a lawsuit against Pileggi, seeking dlrs 40,000 in cash because she claims he disposed of jewelry, clothing and cash belonging to her after he forced her from their home in May 1999 when the wedding mix-up came to light.

She is seeking half of Pileggi's home, claiming it was her reward from their "platonic relationship," according to court documents.

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