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July 4, 2000


Greetings on the occasion of the 4th of July 


It’s precisely two centuries and a quarter today since the people of the world saw a new concept of government in the history of mankind.


From time immemorial, after Homo sapiens got civilized they formed their societies in many manners. Feudalism, Imperialism and umpteen kinds of ‘isms’ were there; where the general masses were always ignored and dictated upon. On the fourth of July 1776, came the Independence of the first nation, where the citizens of the country had all the power to govern their own state. The concept was a prototype. It was something, called ‘Democracy’.


The forefathers of the US, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and others, dreamt of the nation where the people will be the Monarchs. In the words of another father figure in American history, the 16th president Abraham Lincoln, it was defined as a government, “ of the people, by the people and for the people.”


Then onwards, ‘democracy’ proved to be the most popular form of government and the most transparent as well. Thus the US was established as the nurturing ground of ‘democracy’ the world over. And the 4th of July, the Independence Day of the USA, became a synonym for openness and freedom.


As you all know by now ‘Bangla2000’ is a pioneer portal website from a young democracy in the third world, Bangladesh. Our country is a budding democracy aspiring to be one like the US democracy, as many other countries all over the globe are.


Many of you, our most valued users of the Bangla2000 website, are resident Bangalees in the US. So, we, here at the ‘Bangla2000’ take pride in using this august occasion to greet you all; whether you are in the US or in any other country on the earth.


It’s greetings from all of us here at the ‘Bangla2000’ on the Independence Day of the United States of America. We hope, you’ll enjoy your fourth of July holidays more than ever as there is this new website to keep you in touch with your motherland all the time.


Our earnest wish is that the newly formed ties between you and ‘Bangla2000’ will be “re-born on the fourth of July.”


And lastly here’s a tip from us over here at Bangla2000. Do join in at all those big 4th of July celebrations, but be careful about the lavish fireworks and remain aloof from them. And also be cautious about drunk driving, because these two reasons cause most of the deaths in US on this date than the whole year. So, keep your fingers crossed. 


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