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Murderer convicted 14 years later by DNA test 

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June 16, 2000  


TOWSON, Maryland (AP) - New tests on a preserved DNA sample have  linked a 41-year-old prison inmate to the 1986 shootings of a man  and his wife, police said.  


Leon Copeland, who was jailed on unrelated convictions, was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder and assault.  


Lawrence Gregory Dye and Edna Dye were attacked during a robbery of their Woodlawn home Aug. 15, 1986. Police said a man confronted them with a gun in front of their home, ordered them inside and demanded money. The gunman, police said, shot and killed Dye, then shot his wife, who survived.


Several months ago, police sent a sample of DNA from the crime scene and a blood sample from Copeland to a private lab where a match was made, Baltimore County police spokeswoman Cpl. Vickie Warehime.  


Detectives had recently discovered new technology was available to test the sample, Warehime said.  


Copeland was serving time for rape and breaking and entering convictions.


Edna Dye declined comment Wednesday. 

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