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Your Stars Today   


ARIES (March 21- April 20): There'll be many decisions to make, both career-wise and in your personal life. But throughout 2001,you'll tend to make the right decisions. Family matters will occupy you as much as professional and business ones, and  you could reset some interference from a close relative, particularly where children or fiancé are concerned. Love relationships will require more inputs and care than before. This year you will see many of you being more assertive and in better control over both circumstances and people who, in the past, had created problems for you. If you're coping with unexpected success in resolving matters. At work, creativity will be high.


Favorable Planet - Sun.   Lucky Gems - Ruby 


TAURUS (April 21- May 20): Seniors will be more understanding this year and romance will sparkle as you dream about a certain somebody. The response will add a new glow to your life. A word of warning :do be careful when driving, especially when you are thinking of him or her. Staying and objectives will, as in first few months, enable your feet on the ground. Nonetheless, there'll be lots of lucky breaks, you'll be in the spotlight, your popularity will soar. However, one particular relationship will need extra care. If it's a fairly recent one. You can look forward to a new awakening at both  emotional and physical levels. At work, there'll be a number of changes as you become more organized and businesslike.


Favorable Planet - MoonLucky Gems - Pearl 


GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): While in this year you will be in a distinctive position of strength in virtually every sphere, there are two counts on which you'll need to be careful. One, in an effort to consolidate your gains, you could inadvertently upset people whose goodwill is essential for your welfare. You may be feeling so confident at times that you'll miss out on some emotional signals from a romantic partner and ignores his need for a bit of  "mothering". Professionally and in business ,this year is a good one. Meeting key people, officials, bankers, tax consultants, would be particularly useful in the month of April, June and July.


Favorable Planet - MarsLucky Gems - Coral 


CANCER (June 21 - July 20):   Up, up and away..... that's the way of many of you will be feeling this year as you take a decision on some sensitive issues, break free of psychological fetters and clear your mind of cobwebs. Professionally, this could mean that you'll opt for a course that seems inadvisable to those around you; but you know deep inside you that despite the emotional risks and fact that you'll be rendering yourself vulnerable, you just have to do if for your peace of mind. What other people don't know is that there's a romantic angel behind many of your so-called inexplicable actions. A new job offer and the consequent changes will pitch some of you into a whirl of activity. finances and business matters will need sensitive handling, so state your requirement clearly. Your love life is headed toward an intense phase with strong elements of wish fulfillment.


Favorable Planet - MercuryLucky Gems - Diamond 


LEO (July 21- August 21): This year is very lucky for you in many ways. At work, you'll be able to see your way ahead clearly and will find a way of neatly side-stepping interacting with people who gets under your skin. If you've put in a special request, put forward some creative ideas or an innovative proposal, There's every chance that they'll meet with approval and you'll be given facilities and authority to swing into action. usual (!),some of you will have to contend with a colleague who can't bear to see you surging ahead. Therefore, it would be in your interest not to discuss details with all and sundry. Romance will perk up, but toward the end of the month, you'll tend to be somewhat dissatisfied with the response from your sweetheart. If you're married, it is a good year to try out your own personalized versions of the love-tone.


Favorable Planet - JupiterLucky Gems - Emerald


VIRGO (August 22 – September 22): Even though your popularity- ratings will be high  ,there's a danger of misunderstanding in this year particularly with a romantic partner. The seeds will lie in something so innocuous, and you'll be surprised at the things get blown out of proportion. The cards indicate that to a large extent. It's in your hands to spot what's beginning to happen in time and put to a spot to it. Professionally, you'll be able to make rapid progress if you keep seniors briefed throughout. In business matters, some old payments due to you will be now released. At home, most of you will be in your element ,socializing, planning, recognizing patterns. For those of you who are involved romantically, your sweetheart's friends or your children's friend will play a role in contributing to your happiness in this year.


Favorable Planet - Venus  Lucky Gems - Pearl 


LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Whether it is love, work, or businesses maters, there'll be a number of ups and downs in this year. But at the end of it, you'll be able to function a lot easier. Actually, plain speaking and frank discussion could hold the key to a successful year, never mind the long faces that appear initially. In the final analysis, after all the annoyance and hurt at what you're supposed to have pointed out so undiplomatically ebbs away, there'll be a consensus, albeit grading hat the air has been cleared of a number of elements which were distinctly unhealthy. As a result, many of you will be able to function much better as a team. Romantically however, the cards advise you not to rake up any issues however, the cards advise you not to rake up an issues this month. Instead ,you'll need to nurture a relationship with more care and time than usual if you're to preserve the warmth and excitement. 


  Favorable Planet - Saturn.  Lucky Gems - Ruby 


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21): Don't let the obstacles you encounter this year affect your state of mind: That's the message the cards have for you. In order to move ahead both professionally and in business, according to the cards it's necessary for you to overcome certain hurdles, and it's better to do it while they're still surmountable. If the behavior of a colleague or senior appears to be erratic and the faith reposed in you seems to waver at times, don't let it bother you over much, as the person is under compulsion which have nothing to do with your abilities. In fact ,it's more than likely that there'll be an apology waiting for you in the form of a gift or a special responsibility assigned to you next year. Meanwhile, at the emotional level, you and your partner will be able to improve your understanding and add a pleasurable new dimension to your relationship.


  Favorable Planet - Uranus.  Lucky Gems - Emerald


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): There'll be excitement all around you and things will be happening in quite big way in your life in this year. That is, if you'll let them happen! The cards reveal that many of you are likely to be in a cynical frame of mind, and you'll miss out on a lot if you don't snap out of it. At work, you'll tend to be full of ideas, and what's more, your boss will be most appreciative of what you're producing. It is never easy to sustain  quality, and yet, in most cases, you've been able to maintain the standards you'd set for yourself. Isn't that nice? In business, you'll possess a golden touch this month and will, through sheer ingenuity, be able to stretch a couple of hundreds into a couple of thousands. Not unnaturally perhaps, others will tend to be envious of you, and here's an area where you need to be careful of background whisper. Romance will be fulfilling in unexpected ways.


  Favorable Planet - Neptune.  Lucky Gems - Diamond 


CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Responsibilities galore will keep you busy in this year and in recompense, your image will be enhanced, your bank balance will grow, your overall influence will increase. Professionally, if you can handle what' son your plate this year with aplomb, it'll help you consolidate your position to one of virtual invincibility. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity of meeting influential people, of whom at least one will be instrumental in promoting your career at a later stage. In business, funds and loans will be relatively easy to arrange this month. Your love life will be good but often, you may not be able to spend as much time as you desire with that special someone.


  Favorable Planet - Sun.  Lucky Gems - Yellow sapphire


AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): Business profits and professional satisfaction will be yours to savor throughout the year. In your career especially, you'll be able to carve a new niche for yourself as you come up with an abundance of idea's that are clear winners. If you're connected with arts ,advertising, the print or electronic media, you'll be specially successful in this year. If your work involves formal public relations, you should make some useful contacts this year. Whether you're a career or business magnet, your mind will be full of thoughts and ideas revolving around finances. However, the cards advise you to hold back on investments for the moment as you'll meet up with a much better period foe financial matters in May. Despite the wayward schedule of the person round whom you've woven romantic dreams, April promises a series of meaningful meeting or romantic discussions.


  Favorable Planet - Moon.  Lucky Gems - Blue sapphire 


PISCES (February 19 - March 20): Considering the fact that many of you are at the crossroads professionally-unable to easily decide which way to go-you'll be in a remarkably relaxed state of mind. For one thing, with all that's been happening in recent months, you're probably enjoying having a ringside seat. Besides, no matter whether the situation is good or not, it's still a learning experience, and that's something which always appeals to you and accounts  for your upbeat mood even when the chips are down. In March and April however, the chips will be working in your favor and you yourself will be determined to make the most of all opportunities that come your way, especially if they involve travel. A romance at your work place will add pep to your life. Generally, whether you're married or unmarried ,it'll give you a good feeling to know that you're desired much.


  Favorable Planet - Mars. Lucky Gems - Blue sapphire


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