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12th Issue I October 1, 2000 


Mother & only mother

The world is full of relations. The relation lies between parents to children, brothers to sisters, relatives to relatives, friends to friends, student-teacher, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband - wife, and what not. But what may the variation is the starting point is the womb of a mother. Mother is the one who helps us to come to this earth. She is the one who makes us capable to handle any relationships. 



11th Issue I October 1, 2000 


Extra Marital Relation

Humans marry as per social context and are supposed to stay with the mates along the life. But in reality it does not always happen as expected. Some people get involved in extramarital affairs. In most of the cases the core reason of the affair is sudden rush of physical attraction or monotony in conjugal life. It is said that nature abhors vacuum. You or your husband may have been suffering from some vacuum within, and an extramarital affair may take place to fill up the vacuum.

If Wife Involved : What Should Husband do ?  

Women are not free from adultery  either. Though not  as frequent  as men, they  are also found to be involved  in extramarital  relationship with some other men. But there is a significant difference with that of men's. 



9th Issue I August 16, 2000 


Extra Marital Relation

If Husband Involved : What Should Wife do ?

Though involved in an affair, the husband never thinks of breaking off with the wife. The cause is that he has a respect for his responsibilities to his children and the social institution called marriage. In most cases husbands want to be back and reconcile but fail because of shame and bitter relation with the wives. Consequently separation becomes the only way out.  


8th Issue I August 1, 2000 

My Solace and Me

I went to the front garden, feeling too heavy to  take myself  out, yet unable to stay indoors. The heat suffocated me as if I am burning alive. Nature can under stand my thoughts of sadness. Like me the sky overhead is pulsed with light. I wondered if things were not going to be changed I had chosen this life, so I have to suffer for  this. I seemed to be far away from my isolation and thoughts.  I wondered if it was the same person walking  heavily through this garden 17 years before.



7th Issue | July 16, 2000

The Love of Our Parents

Often Hurts Us 

“Mom !! I’ve got a great news!! At last I got the opportunity.….my dream came true….. I got the chance.” ,Shermeen was too excited to have the chance to ask her mother what’s the news about. Without any break she continued, “I just have got promotion as a …… of the Chittagong  office. I have to leave Dhaka and join my new office within next week.”



5th Issue | June 16, 2000

My Mother

Define  Real Mother to Me

Six letters make the word mother. Among them two is vowel and four is consonants. But the meaning of the word is immense and colossal that nothing can designate it. The daisy dreams of an infant originate from its mother’s lap.



1st Issue | March 03, 2000

As a place

that you look with pride.....


Human relation is a complex phenomenon, whenever it is between two persons or within the family or the society. From my experiences as a woman I feel that women have to play different roles in society like men.



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