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      The Love of Our Parents

    Often Hurts Us 



“Mom !! I’ve got a great news!! At last I got the opportunity.….my dream came true….. I got the chance.” ,Shermeen was too excited to have the chance to ask her mother what’s the news about. Without any break she continued, “I just have got promotion as a …… of the Chittagong  office. I have to leave Dhaka and join my new office within next week.”

But the next few days were totally different than what she was dreaming on. Her all excitements were thrown away by her parents. The only reason is : ‘Her parents loved her so much that they  couldn’t let her go in a new and unknown (for her) place alone.’  Neither of her parents agreed to leave her.

She tried to convince her parents saying that she’s no longer a child , she could take care of herself, she’d be safe. In reply her parents told her outright that if she went they would severe all ties with him. So Sharmeen didn’t go, she didn’t want to hurt her parents. But in trying to prevent her parents from being hurt, she was hurt herself and badly by her parents' selfishness. In forcing her not to go her parents may have been thinking that they are doing it out of love or care for her. But what actually happened was that the seeds of discontent were sowed in Sharmeen’s relationship with her parents.

What’s wrong with Sunil? I love him and I believe I will be happy getting MARRIED WITH THE man I love  rather than the unknown person that you have chosen for me,” Shumi argued with her parents.

But according to her parents they love their child most than anyone on the earth, they brought her on the earth, only they know what’s wrong  and what’s right for her. When they started creating pressure on her for the sake of their that love, that she owe them, they gave her through twenty two years of her life, she was totally confused. But this time she didn’t listen to her parents, she got married to the person she loved. She thought she was adult enough  at least to know  who she could trust on and who she couldn’t.

She thought after the marriage when her parents going to see they are happy with each other and having a good married life , they will forgive her. But her parents was so hurt that  refused to let her enter the house. No amount of apologies, pleas and tears could make them forget the hurt. What they didn’t realize was that by their determined coldness, they were hurting their own daughter  whom  they loved so  much . Sometimes we hurt those we love, we forget how much we love them.

Anita was 18 years old. She had been planning for her college picnic for months. This is not an ordinary picnic. This is the last chance to enjoy with the whole class with who she had been for eleven years together in the same school. She got the permission from her mom.  Actually her Mother couldn’t say anything after watching her daughter’s every day's preparations and her excitements about the picnic. But the last day without any second thought at the moment her father heard about the picnic he screamed, “ No! No way!! It’s impossible! It’s not safe for you to be there with all those girls in Gazipur. I can’t let u go. What happened if there’s any trouble with the car or any accident  would occur on the way??”

When Anita started sobbing he said softly," Sweetheart, don’t break your papa’s heart. Try to understand!! Well! We’ll go together for a picnic but cancel your college’s picnic..

For her dad’s love her heart was broken into pieces, she couldn’t go. Her dreams were shattered, all her plans for the picnic were ruined. She missed the last chance to enjoy with  her dearest friends and teachers whom she had been loving through all these years.

It happens in our lives many time when our loving parents do not give any value of their children sentiments. The only reason is they love; they do care for us.. But this type of love sometimes hurts the child. It’s really very painful for them time to time. They think whatever they do, or whatever they think about their kids is the best thing because they are the ones who love the kids most than anyone else on the earth. This might be true but they should consider their children’s feelings, what they think, what they want and what they don’t.

It pays to remember that however close and loved the child is, he or she  isn’t an extension of their beings or their property. The best way to love a person is to acknowledge that the other’s is an individual  in her  or his own sight, who has feelings, needs and opinion of his or her own. Love doesn’t give the right to think, feel, judge and act on their behalf. The more parents remember this the less chances there will be of hurting their child by their love.


Tanzia Farha

Student of BBA 

North South University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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