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May 2000


My Mother

Define  Real Mother to Me  

Six letters make the word mother. Among them two is vowel and four is consonants. But the meaning of the word is immense and colossal that nothing can designate it. The daisy dreams of an infant originate from its motherís lap.

 Every child has its own way of expression. At first the expression is revealed by incoherent words. After some years the infant grows up. Day by day a child becomes adult. But to a mother her offspring remain the same, as a baby whatever their age. The bond between mother and child is the bond of soul. So, where the soul is the concern able subject than others become a mate one.

I am the child of my mother and father. Once I was also a child. But now I have reached my age of maturation. According to the law of society, my father is my originator. But for me my mother is my whole world, who gives me the birth? feeding breast and raise me to this state. I cannot remember my early day of childhood. Day by day the world around me transforming as a world of dust of decay. But my mother remains the same. She is the symbol of evergreen youth in mind. Time could not change her. Her eye has the language of love and voice has the tone of command. She has a silent but strong personality, which is always present in her work. She is a complete housewife, but her special characteristic distinct her from others.  

She is my best friend and best adviser in every work. I can share my every feeling with her. When my mind is occupied with any kind of anxiety or wariness. I donít know how she can understand it. Like a good friend she asked me about the problem. She gives me different sorts of solution and suggests me to solve the problem in my own way. She never tries to establish her thoughts upon me. She always tells me, that I am a free agent of my will. She teaches me the pattern of personality.

When I was in high school, my mother told me that  now I am not a baby anymore. I have to prepare my future plan. Because bright future lies in the proper planning in early life. At the age of fifteen the whole world becomes a world of dream to a girl. It is the age when a girl often can do mistake in her stepping of life. My mother helps me to pass away those dream days. She teaches me that life is not a rosy-bud rather it is full of thorns. She always express that I am her dream. She has given me birth to do something special to the society. Not to spent the days in fashion and prudery. I have to fulfill the desires of her, which she cannot do in her life.

My mother is the fountain-head of my inspiration. There is a tough world around us. But any hurdle or heat of anxiety cannot push me down from the vision of my aim. Her love, her warm wish is my only power against all hurdles and distress of society and life. Sometimes I think that I am the small dove and my mother is the nest to protect me from the storm like life.  

I donít know from where my mother learns so much discipline and modern concept of life. She wants me to have a career. She always encourages me to finish my study in time. I have to be smart but not  over smart. How I have seen my mother let me know the definition of a mother. The rules of life and its balance are properly displayed in her words and works. Every works and every speech of her is a precept for me. She is a morbid diplomat. In our family, she manages every things so nicely that I some time become amazed. The problem can be very difficult but she can have a very easy solution.

When I was a child I use to sleep on my motherís arms. At that time she use to sing a song or tell me a story. Otherwise I will not sleep. But now I am grown up. Time has taken that place from me. Now my mother has become grandmother. She has several grandsons and daughter. They are the new possessor of my kingdom. But still I feel my motherís arms, where I cannot sleep now.

There is a proverb that, a mother is the builder of a family, bureaucrats of a parliament and progeny of a nation. Everything depends on a nation. A mother can build her child with love and affection. At the same time too much love can spoil the child. In my life love, affection and control have equal portion. I have seen her eyes sparkle in any of my success and at the same time there is flood of tears in her eyes in my failure. The relation between my mother and me is so strange and astonishing that I cannot identifies it in words. But in one world I can say, she is the echo and I am the word.

Time is passing. Soon I have to face the vast desert of life, where I will be totally alone. I will not get my mother always with me. One day we will be separated because of the law of nature  I have to bids her advice. I cannot hold her long. But her thoughts, ideals and philosophy will be always with me. Because limbs to limbs, flesh to flesh she builds me up. I am the focus and she is the picture. Love is the bond, which bends us together. Affection is the root, which gives me the expiration. Her language is basement that creates me.


Saima Rasul


Department of English 

Lalmatia Women's College

National University


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