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Mother & only mother




The world is full of relations. The relation lies between parents to children, brothers to sisters, relatives to relatives, friends to friends, student-teacher, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband - wife, and what not. But what may the variation is the starting point is the womb of a mother. Mother is the one who helps us to come to this earth. She is the one who makes us capable to handle any relationships. 

I am not writing this article to express the great fullness of the mothers. As I know some letter words are not enough for that. But I am here to express or identify the gratefulness of ours- means the children's. I should not say about others because I don't have that right. So I am here to criticize my self. But I would also like to add that almost all of my friends agreed to my point. 

Lets start the inspection: I have already mentioned that I would not express my gratitude toward my mother as God hasn't gave me that power, but yes of course I can express or identify her daughter- me. From my child hood I have seen her beside be. I used to be very naughty, and always tried to harass her in many ways. Oh! Yes I was punished for those attitudes.

But interesting thing is - as I was used to be punished - so it was natural that I should remain upset. But the picture was always other way round. I always forget every thing but my mother used to remember it. Still now after every punishment I get a lots of love from her. I know that whatever misdeed I may do - for her I will be always like a little child. 

I know till her death (Oh! God please don't do that to me) , I will be always protected and loved. But I still don't understand that even after getting all that love why I still do any kinds of misdeed. And how is it possible for a person to love even after knowing all the deeds. 

I remember she often overlooked her opportunities, pleasures, and entertainments just because of me. But what have I done? Simply nothing. I am now busy with my life. My studies, my friends, my carrier etc. Days come when I even don't ask her about her conditions. I always think about my choice. But did I ever think about hers! 

If I stay home without doing nothing for two to three days - I get bored. But what about her? She is a housewife so she often goes out. Even if she goes out - it is for us. She doesn't have any variation in her life , she is only within us. I really sometimes get confused by thinking that how does she lives just by doing same thing over and over. I think but I never came to any answer.

I am finishing my writing here. Because I have again started thinking about her. I know, I will again fail to get any answer. But I will try. I will try till death to find a answer or a way to make So that I can make her happy at least for a while. 

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