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Extramarital Relation


If the Wife is Involved What should the Husband Do



Women are not free from adultery either. Though not  as frequent  as men, they  are also found to be involved  in extramarital  relationship with some other men. But there is a significant difference with that of men's. A woman has a very sensitive relationship called motherhood. She has a special attachment  to her children. So it is easier to bring a woman with extramarital relation restore to the original state. As a husband you have some steps to follow to set her back on track. Check the following: 

Maintain a gap

Make a physical and mental distance with her. Never try to make a  quarrel to bring her back. Keep gentle and behave normally. If she in about to go out at the time of your office-going , ask her if she needs lift. If she agrees, take her with you. Maintain a gap while opening the door of the car in the same way you do with other women. Avoid touching her in the way you did before during regular household activities. But if she is touched unconsciously don't say 'sorry' as it may sound peculiar.   

Avoid physical relation

Completely avoid physical matters with her and don't try to resume it. Your being apart from her and stopping physical relation will create a sense of insecurity within her.

Shake her role as a mother 

In spite of continuing a relation with some other man she surely does not want to shake off her role as a mother. You can make her feel insecure by playing her role i.e. the  role of loving mother. Give your Children more time than you did before. Because she is giving her time to somebody else, your wife in now unable to maintain her time. She can not give much time  to the children. As for example, she used to feed the children, but now she gets it done by servants . Take this advantage . If possible, come home from office at launch hour and feed your babies and make them sleep. Don't wait till she is back to catch her red handed. Being back when she will come to know that you came back home, she will feel insecure. She may ask you why you came home at such odd time.  Don't avoid her question. You can say that you had a business nearby and so you came. Possibly ask in a very casual manner if she went out for any  business. She will be confused about what are you really going to decide or think of her.

Carefully snatch the babies from her  

Right being back from office sit beside the children to tell them stories. It will not be bad to go with them for a outing telling your wife that you are going  out to eat with them. Don't take your wife with you. If children asks her to go, tell them something like she has a business and, therefore, cannot go. When she will realize  that the children are about to be occupied by you, she may come back . Because she can leave you, but the children. For the sake of children she may came back from the temporary aviation. 

Come to a decision

After all these initiatives if she does not came back, tell her that you want divorce. Tell her that you are allowing her to live with that man if she likes , but you  are not going to tolerate her two-fold  role. Also tell her that you are going to take the custody  of the children and you are not  prepared to allow her to take the children. It may be intolerable to her and  she may come back. If she does not, do think that she is impossible to bring back.

If you think it will be very harmful for you  children to be separated, think twice. If you think her essential for a proper nourishment of your children, don't be separate. Hide the total thing and never create quarrel. It may hamper your children's life . Or if you think it quite impossible to stay with her in that situation, separation is the only way out. 

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