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  • Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 Photo Gallery

  • You can cite no bigger event in the history of the the Bangalee people: the Liberation War against Pakistan in 1971.


  • ''Razakar'' is a term, which denote treacherous to the country and collaborator of foreigner interfering in the country''s sovereignty. Razakars appeared not only in Bangladesh in 1971 during the "Liberation War" but also in every time in every country in same face in different name.

  • Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971

  • Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971 by Ahmed Arup Kamal

  • Bangladesh Liberation War

  • Bangladesh Liberation War by Shamim Chowdhury

  • Cry for Justice

  • A documentary film telling the untold stories from the survivors of the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka 71

  • Welcome the exhibition DHAKA ''71.This exhibition is based on the Bangla Academy publication DHAKA 1971, an album of the liberation war, comprising of photographs collected by the Dhaka City Museum.

  • Bangladesh Liberation War Museum

  • It''s creadted and publised by Cyber Bangladesh

  • Liberation War of Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh wins freedom. The war of independence: how it started.

  • Liberation War Museum

  • Liberation War Museum - MuktiJuddho Jadughor. The Liberation War Museum wants the future generation to know their rich heritage and draw from the spirit of the Liberation War the inspiration and pride to build a better future and make the dream of Golden Bengal become a reality.

  • Know Liberation War

  • URL:

  • Biggest event of the the Bangali people

  • You can cite no bigger event in the history of the the Bangalee people: the Liberation War against Pakistan in 1971. This was the first time we fought for the recognition as a distinct nation.

  • Images fo Liberation War

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  • Martyr Bangali Intellectuals

  • In December 14, the Paksitani military and local collaborators killed many of the leading intellectuls, including Munier Chowdhury, Shahidullah Kaiser, G.C. Dev, Muffazal Haider Chowdhury among others.

  • A Freedom Fighter

  • URL:

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