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  • Rickshaw Puller

  • Lot of pictures and daily life style of Rickshaw puller in Bangladesh.

  • Paintings from Bangladesh

  • Paintings of Kamrul Hasan,Murtaza Bashir Shabbin Chaudhury,Tania Tabassum,Abdur Razzaque.

  • Artists from Bangladesh

  • URL:

  • Zainul Sketches and Paintings

  • Zainul Abedin''s Sketches and Paintings

  • Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha

  • Bangladesh''s unique popular arts, the paintings and decorations on the three-wheeled cycle ricksha.

  • The Art Exibition "99

  • Creative artists who participated with their paintings in this art exibition. You can visit their page by clicking their image. So visit and you can also buy any painting by contacting their contact address.

  • Bangladesh National Museum

  • URL:

  • SynArt

  • It''s a site about my artworks, paintings, sketches

  • Goutom''s homage to liberation war

  • Goutom''s Art Gallery about liberation war. Miniature paining is something else. It is not, as is popularly believed, a miniature version of a "standard sized" painting - everything remaining in the same while the scale gets diminished, and so on.

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