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  • Man and the Biosphere Species Databases (MAB)

  • Developing databases of vascular plant and vertebrate animal occurrences on the world''''s biosphere reserves and other protected areas.

  • Encyclopedia of Gap Analysis

  • A national program with a proactive approach to managing biodiversity. It"s products include maps of vegetation, vertibrate distribution, land ownership, and management level.

  • Restoring Algal Communities (Fucus vesiculosus)

  • Project on restoring destroyed macroalgal communities in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea.

  • Environet

  • Web site for our planet, Earth, to increase awareness of the environment.

  • Primary Production In Streams and Rivers

  • River morphology and continuous estimation of primary production of phytoplankton, microphytobenthos, or macrophytes in streams and rivers based on diurnal changes of the water oxygen concentration. In English and German.

  • Eco-Home Network

  • Everything you need to know to build an eco-home. Extensive bookstore with info on sustainable living.

  • Principles of Ecology

  • Biology 205 at Old Dominion University.

  • Handbook for a Better Future

  • URL:

  • Signs, Seasons, and Stories; Nature Close to Home

  • A collection of stories and upcoming naturalist events for James Ratzloff, volunteer naturalist in the beautiful state of Colorado.

  • Population Ecology

  • Links to resources in Population Ecology: models, data on line, lecture courses, organizations, people, journals, etc.

  • Marine Ecology

  • Introduction to the concepts of the science dealing with the challenges and strategies for survival and reproduction in marine organisms and communities.

  • Planet Earth

  • Interactive learning activities for students and teachers on ecology and the environment.

  • Pacific Discovery Magazine

  • Science and natural history magazine published by the California Academy of Sciences.

  • Green Map System

  • Local-to-global collaboration to chart the ecologically significant places in cities around the globe.

  • Ecology in Panama

  • Conservation efforts, academic programs, pictures, and details about protected areas.

  • Ice Age Paleoecology

  • Quaternary paleoecology: the study of past ecosystems and environments during the time of ice ages.

  • Patterns and Processes of Change in the Amazon Basin

  • An interdisciplinary science of NASA''''s Earth Observing System

  • Biospherics

  • Includes information on the Biosphere projects.

  • SpORE (Spatially Oriented Research in Ecology)

  • Guide to some of the spatially oriented research (biogeography, spatially explicit modelling, landscape ecology, spatial analysis, geostatistics, population genetics, etc...)available on the Web.

  • Ecology Channel

  • URL:

  • Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)

  • A comprehensive source of information about Earth science, environmental, climate, and global change data holdings available to the scientific community throughout the world.

  • EcoNews Africa

  • An NGO initiative that analyses global environment and development issues from an African perspective and reports on local, national, and regional activities that contribute to global solutions.

  • Tropical Ecology Web Site

  • Offered as a corrective to some of the worst ''''myths'''' about tropical rain forests, savannas, global warming, biodiversity, and related ecological issues.

  • John Denver Memorial Scholarship in Tropical Ecology

  • For graduate research.

  • Aberdeen Eco-News

  • URL:

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