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  • Guide to Engineering and Computer Science

  • Helpful information on pursuing a career in engineering or computer science to encourage people to enter the profession.

  • Scientific American: Sizing Up Software

  • Experts disagree about the best way to describe how "big" a software-writing project will be or how long it will take to debug it. An approach of identifying "function points" is catching on.

  • Theoretical Computer Science on the Web

  • URL:

  • DIMUND Document Image Understanding Information Server

  • Research announcements, bibliographies, mailing lists, source code, technical reports, database information, and internet resources for document understanding, character recogntion and some related domains such as information retrieval.(status:down)

  • Hypatia Library

  • Directory of research workers in pure mathematics and computer science, and a library of their papers.

  • Global Informing Science Education

  • Provides resources for professors and trainers to help improve the quality and content of IS education throughout the world.

  • Computer Science Undergraduate Tutor Service

  • Submit a general outline of the problem you are having, and receive a guideline as to what your solution should entail and where, if applicable, to look for further information.

  • Cora

  • Special-purpose search engine covering computer science research papers.

  • Stanford University - Mathematical and Computer Sciences Library

  • URL:

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