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Putin wins presidency

March 28, 2000


Moscow, Mar 27: Vladimir Putin's election as president was hailed Monday as the start of a new age in Russia even though the new master of the Kremlin has yet to spell out how he will handle the daunting challenge of restoring political order and invigorating the ailing economy, reports AP.


Little known and a political outsider, one of the first tasks of Russia's second democratically elected president will be to choose a prime minister, come up with specific proposals to revive the   economy, and clear corruption out of the government.


Militant Kashmiri groups assail Clinton

March 27, 2000


Islamabad, Pakistan - Pakistan-based Muslim militants fighting India in disputed Kashmir sharply criticized President Clinton Sunday as an enemy of Islam.


During a two-hour meeting with Pakistan's military ruler on Saturday, Clinton pressed Gen. Pervez Musharraf to ease tensions with India and restrain Islamic militants from moving across a cease-fire that divides Kashmir between the two countries.


"Now America is openly siding with India, which shows that all anti-Islam forces are uniting against us," said Fazalur Rehman Khalil, the chief of Harakat-ul Mujahdeen, a group Washington wants shut down for its alleged involvement in terrorism.


Musharraf takes polls path

March 24, 2000


Islamabad, Mar 23: Pakistan's military ruler on Thursday announced nationwide local elections - considered a first step toward a return to democracy, reports AP.


General Pervez Musharraf’s promise came two days before US President Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit Pakistan, where he is expected to press the military ruler for a timeframe for general elections.


Musharraf has rebuffed international pressure to return Pakistan to democracy quickly, saying the task ahead is onerous. But Thursday, he said the first round of local elections will be held between December and May, 200l. A second round of local elections - at the district level - will be held in July 2001, effectively putting municipal governments back in


Azim Premji 3rd richest person in the world

March 23, 2000


London - Azim Premji, founder of software company Wirpro, has emerged as the third riches person in the world this year, next only to Microsoft Chief Bill Gates and Robson Walton and family, both of the United States, reports PTI.


Premji, who has seen his wealth soar to 35 billion last year, nudged Sultan of Brunei form his third position last year to sixth this year, according to the Sunday Times rich list 2000.


Paternity leave still a possibility for Blair

March 23, 2000


London - Cherie Blair, Prime Minster Tony Blair's wife, hailed the Finnish Prime Minister for taking parental leave to be with his new baby - and, perhaps, dropped a hint to her own husband, reports AP.


Speaking to lawyers in London on Monday night, Cherie Blair noted that Finn Paavo Lipponen has twice taken advantage of paternity leave. Last week, Lipponen's office announced that he would take a six-day parental leave from his job to be with his new baby.


In 1998, Lipponen took a similar leave when his wife, Paivi, gave birth to their first child.


Clinton's call to restart Indo-Pak dialogue

March 22, 2000


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New Delhi, March 21: US President Bill Clinton today asserted that talks between New Delhi and Islamabad could take place only when there is respect for sanctity and inviolability of the Line Control (LoC) dividing the two South Asian neighbors.


Talking to newsmen after nearly an hour-long delegation level talks between the United States and India and India on the first day of his visit to this country, Clinton asked India and Pakistan to restart the dialogue for a negotiated settlement of their differences but said "to resume the process, the atmosphere required is respect for the Line of Control. Terrorism is no solution."


Clinton's references to respect for LoC came a day after 36 Sikhs were massacred in gruesome incident in Jammu and Kashmir state last night.


Over 20 lakh pilgrims perform Hajj
March 16, 2000

Mount Arafat, (Saudi Arabia), Mar 15: More than two million Muslim pilgrims, hands raised to the sky and many in tears, prayed for forgiveness and mercy on Mount Arafat today at the climax of t he annual pilgrimage, says Reuters.

Pilgrims in seamless white clothes chanted: “Here I am, oh Allah, here I am, associate no one with thee…” at the site on Saudi Arabia where Prophet Mohammed (SM) delivered his final sermon 14 centuries ago.   


2 million devotees begin Hajj    

March 15, 2000  


Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Mar 14: More than two million Muslim pilgrims from around the world embarked today on the first ritual of the annual Hajj which Saudi Arabian officials say was so far trouble-free, reports Reuters.

In cars, on buses and on foot, men in seamless two-piece white cloths and women in long robes with their heads covered began their journey at sunrise from the holy city of Makkah to the plain of Mina, 11-km away.  


Sharif’s Lawyer gunned down
March 11, 2000

Karachi, Mar 10: Unidentified gunmen short dead a lawyer defending Pakistan’s ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif against a possible death sentence in a daylight attack on his city center office today, reports Reuters.

Police and witnesses said Iqbal Radh, a leading member of Sharif’s defense team, died form a volley team, died from a volley of bullets to his chest. An office assistant and the visiting son of a High court judge who were in the premised were also killed.  


Israel, Palestinians agree to revive peace talks
March 10, 2000

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Mar 9: After weeks of acrimonious deadlock, Israel and the Palestinians agreed Wednesday to resume Intensive peace talks in Washington later this month aimed at reaching a final settlement in six months, reports AFP


US congressional body proposed IMF, WB operation curbs
March 10, 2000

WASHINGTON, Mar 9: A US congressional commission proposed drastic curbs in the operations of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund yesterday, winning plaudits and brickbats for their radical ideas, reports Reuters.


Sun reaffirms it commitment to bring Solaris to Itanium
March 6, 2000

WASHINGTON, Mar 5: Sun Microsystems and Intel are in a high stake game of chicken in a debate about which company needs the other more in the e-commerce world, reports agency.


Two weeks ago, Intel said it was rapidly winding down efforts to bring Sun’s Solaris operating system to Intel’s upcoming flag ship Itanium chip. Sun, said Intel, wasn’t dong enough to encourage software companies to rework their programs for the effort.


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