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Malaysia deplores Israeli aggression

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October 14, 2000 


KUALA LUMPUR, OCT 13 (AP) - Malaysia on Friday condemned the Israeli military violence in Palestine.

The predominantly Muslim country which has no diplomatic relations with Israel deplored the military aggression in the West Bank city of Ramallah and Gaza City.

It said in a statement that the act of war against Palestinian civilians does not contribute to the on-going efforts to seek a solution for a just and sustainable peace in West Asia.

Nearly 100 people, mostly Palestinians or Arab Israelis, have been killed in violence which erupted last month following a reportedly controversial visit by an Israeli politician to a Jerusalem shrine holy to both Muslims and Jews.

"Malaysia would like to see the immediate establishment of a mechanism for the speedy and objective inquiry in the regrettable and untenable excessive use of force against Palestinians by the Israeli authorities," the statement said.

The Foreign Ministry said Kuala Lumpur also reiterated that lasting peace in West Asia was only possible if Israeli authorities withdrew completely from all Arab and Palestinian land occupied since 1967.


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