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Italian premier to visit Belgrade

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October 11, 2000 


ROME (AP) - Italian Premier Giuliano Amato said Tuesday he will visit Belgrade later this week to personally congratulate Yugoslavia's new president, Vojislav Kostunica, and "see for himself" that the Milosevic era was ending.

Amato's office said the premier would go to Belgrade on Wednesday or Thursday.

Speaking at a news conference in Bern, Switzerland, Amato also said he wanted to "see for myself and with great pleasure that Milosevic will no longer have any role in Serbian politics or Yugoslavia."

The premier said he also wanted to stress Italy's support for European financial initiatives for Yugoslavia. As a member of the European Union, Italy will help contribute to the rebuilding of Yugoslavia's shattered economy.

Italy, which hosts several NATO air and naval installations, played a key role in the alliance's war against Milosevic last year and has peacekeeping troops in Kosovo.

The first official from a NATO country to visit Belgrade since last week's uprising against Milosevic was French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine, who was in Belgrade Tuesday.

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