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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2002
From: bushra
RE: ahmed

"I just suggested that if the laws can be tied up with 'covering up' female then it may be possible that sexual assault, rape will be minimized." Thank you for such considerate suggestion. Why dont you also suggest the man to have some control over them ?!!!( suggestions for both, fair for all !!!!) and you are calling them 'SOME PEOPLE' ?!!!....I find hardly any man in this bb accepting that they are rude towards women while proudly announcing that 'For last five thousand years men has been running the show ' /'woman r for just men's mental and physical happiness. thats all'. ......if this is the mentality of so called educated persons can u honestly say that the 'the problem is with SOME PEOPLE' ?!!!!! ....

"Kumropotash, I didn’t think that you’ll bring such exceptions into our discussion"

....oops, u made a little mistake there friend. Kumropotash didnot give those exceptional examples .I did, let me explain . ....

first lets c what you said ". Have anyone of us seen a tree going downwards? Isn’t the case that rain pours not vaporizes? Likewise females are less vindictive than male. The way male behaves with a female is usually different from the way female behaves with a male. This is entirely fixed up the nature. If you are living in the earth you have to believe in nature. "

and 'my mentioned exceptions' were- "nature also pours rain ,then why use raincoats ? nature also gives us caves. then why build houses? nature put us in this round planet, then why try to cross it and reach out for mars ?

Now, those surely are exceptions (If I start to give more and more examples starting from cloning to space hotel, u might have to think about what is now exceptional and what is now normal....!!!)......More then 'exception' , these are 'changes', changes which make our life easier....If we were satisfied in the way we were born , satisfied with our surroundings ; then none of these would have happened.....We go through schools, colleges not to achieve a degree but to change and develop our soul, strengthen our spirit ...not evil spirit, but the good one ...We take religion not to discriminate someone , but to be a better human being, to live a better life , a life with dignity , respect and honor......Now, all these schools, college ,art , museum etc etc are man made ...these dont come from nature..we build them on our own interest...(you better change your definition of 'exception' ..otherwise , most of the things around u, r gonna be 'exceptional'.... 'exceptional' internet ,with an 'exceptional' bangla2000, with an 'exceptional' BB and an an 'exceptional' online argument .....I sure love this 'exceptional' world !!!!!)

If you guys remain satisfied having a 'natural' beast within you and doing nothing but to say 'what can i do, i was born this way' then why do you go through all those above troubles (!!!)? why try to be a gentlemen...... like u said "If you are living in the earth you have to believe in nature. " , you can choose to live as a 'natural' Neanderthal ..!!!.

We all (kindly, include women !!!) have a beast in also kill children, mom-in-laws also beats her daughter-in-law to long as there will be human there will be murder, rape, robbery, conspiracy blab ,blab blab. ....But should we give up on being good ? .... you have good parts, you have bad parts.... and only you have the power to live with one , just one of them....its on upto you to decide what part to live with.

" The way male behaves with a female is usually different from the way female behaves with a male. This is entirely fixed up the nature".........beg ur pardon, but this is NOT entirely fixed up by the nature....the feelings, emotions are fixed up by nature.....u cant change the way u 'feel' about something....BUT, u can change the way u 'react' or 'behave'.... our behavior is mostly based upon the environment we grow up, by the laws of society, by the rules of religion, by the behavior of our parents .... We 'learn' to behave by watching the ppl around us....our behavior is influenced by our culture, surroundings , its not 'entirely fixed up by the nature' !!!
(guess now, u will go on blaming the religion,culture, society etc. etc. for the way u behave )

Have a nice day (without any ‘exception’ ) friend.

People Discussion
(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

nice way to put your thoughts forward Bushra. It was " exceptionally" good! Much appreciated.

However, no matter what you say, and how you say, they will never hear. All they need is a big SHOCK! and One day they are going to get it! Infact, they have already started getting it. See the number of divorce in the society, and increasing number of single women. Women are also learning to become " exceptionl" by kicking MEN out of their life if they (men) are no good for them.

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

“We go through schools, colleges not to achieve a degree but to change and develop our soul, strengthen our spirit…” – I am not so sure Bushra! That might have been the original idea but nowadays actually we just seek education so that we get a good job for decent living. Consequently we have the problem of the “mentality of so called educated persons” (both men and women). I agree with the rest of your posting.

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

konkadi ato din-er rajotto ato shohoje chare dite kar na kosto hoay bachara der dosh ki.tader obostha holo 'salish mani kintu goru amar'.. jokhon pare na tokhon upor-walar upor diay chalia daay.... din bodlacche , bodlabe , ata notun kichu na..notun holo rate-ta...age begum rokaya akjon chilen....akhon hajar hajar..r single women, humiliated hoay bachar chaya aka bacha too bhalo, jokhon ami aka bachete pari...
kumro, u r right.....eventually it all ends up on a degree but it isnt what those institute are built for...on my first day at university our sir told us something like this 'u r not here for a degree, there r lots of institutes who will provide u with some nice degrees even if u never step on that place r here to learn, admire and appreciate and respect every single individual...u r here to build and develop ur very own way of living in a society...'...I like to believe what he said .

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

I would also like to believe what your teacher said Bushra but that’s not the reality! Just think of the degradation in values among the teachers over the last few years in Bangladesh! Now they help students copy during the exam, give away exam questions for money, don’t teach in the class so that the students are forced to go for private coaching sessions – the picture is getting very gloomy.

(Saturday, June 12, 2004)

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