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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: few answers (bushra, megna, kumropotash, konkaboti)

If you were aware of the exceptions ahmed1, why did you use such lame examples in the first place? You brought them up first, remember? Both law and religion have failed to eliminate the beast in men completely – I have talked about this in my previous postings (the jailhouse example was in reference to my previous postings – you said something similar to another person and in response to the other person, I brought in the jailhouse example before. I assumed that you were reading all the postings – if you are not doing that, it will be hard to comprehend everything I post because of the interrelationships among the postings). My point was that both men and women tried to dominate each other in the past and men won the pursuit. That’s why all the existing religions discriminate against women – we don’t have any religion that discriminates against men as attempts to establish such religions by women were not successful. “Women gradually lost their mystery, and superior position” because of many factors and one of them was religion invented by men (e.g., religion required women to stay inside house and eventually agriculture became a male dominated livelihood although it was initiated by women). A lot of people in Bangladesh don’t eat the fish called “magur” as it grows on dirt. If a religion emerges from Bangladesh one day, the chances are high that it will prohibit the eating of that fish. Religion was created by humans so there’s no need to go beyond humans to understand religious norms!

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

Dhormio anushason jodi sathik bhabe anushilon kora hoi tobe beast in mankind (male-female) chirotore nirbashito hobe, ete kuno sandeho nei.
samossha holo amra manob manobira dharmo ke na jene , dharmio anushason ke na mene jemon khushi temon choli bolei nagore aronner potton hochche.
khetro bisheshe amader adhunik sabbhota maddhojug keu haar manachche.
kobe hobe amader bodhodoi, kothai cholchi amra???????

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

Well shubachon who decides what is the correct religious norm? It’s evident from our discussion so far that the interpretation of holy books is open to us – naturally we will define it different ways depending on our own interests. Which is why even if there is a god, that god is not infallible!

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

kumro dear,
Bodh shakti jukto bakti, "nijei nijer srestho shikkhok"
amader ei bartoman bitorke je Interpretation er kotha eseche taha authentic noi, interpretation amader holy Quran ke poribarton korte pare na ebong parcheuna. bakti bisheser kotha ke dharmio nitimalar sathe guliye felaar abokas nei.
ei kotha satto je, manusera nijosso chinta baa anubhutir govirota diye bishes bisoier upor alochona korte pare , tai bole taha je 100% authentic hobei emonto nishchoita nei.
sutoraang asun mool grontho addoion kori ebong purbapor concept er bhittite sathik somadhan khuje pete chesta kori.

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

Well I am not saying that I am 100% right. I might be wrong too. But just because of that, I am not going to accept something that does not make sense or that does not provide adequate explanation (in this case religion). I will rather try to use logic to find the answers to my questions. Why should I be interested in reading quran when it clearly fails to answer the questions I have (I have talked to people who claimed they had read quran and could not give me satisfactory answers)? I think it will be a waste of time!

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

be in peace as you are, may your GOD/LOGIC help you to find your destiny.

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

Thanks for the wish!

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