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Friday, September 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Ref: Few answers ( Kuashaa , ahmed & iota)

Iota, you are saying that men will keep discriminating against women because god created them that way. Sounds like a pragmatic approach to put the blame on someone else! For the sake of argument, even if we assume that god has created men like that way, what about your own conscience? Are you too feeble to resist god’s unfair ploys? If god programmed you in a way to kill people, would you continue doing that without thinking (you have a mind of your own to think – you are not a robot)? It’s true that most men think/behave like the way you described. But there are men who are different (I know some of them personally) and others are changing (so do women). You talked about muslim guys – what about the non-muslim guys? Do they have separate gods with separate creation philosophies? You see the lacuna in your argument? Women have been subject to discrimination for thousands of years (not because of god but because of human nature) – naturally there body evolved in a way that made them weaker physically. The same would have happened to male body had it been the other way round. You don’t need god/religion to explain it. You just have to admit that as a man, you have been discriminating against women and you can put an end to it if you stop sheltering behind god! Lastly, if god created men and women the way you described, it fails to explain why there is same sex love in nature.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

nice write up kumropotash, thanks. and I agree with you here, it's not God who made men like the way iota sucessfully dipicted. God made men and women both from his own entity. Those who say "God created us like this what can we do", is basically cheating with God as well as with humankind.

and about the physical strength, you have said the fact. Evolution and socialisation are important aspects to have a strong or to have a weak body/physical structure. Basically there is no much difference between a men's and a women's body. Only difference between a men and women is their reproductive system, and that is also limited in a very small preriod of a women's lifetime, giving birth of a child/children. But now a days, with the spread of birth control measures, women can only have children when they want it to. and that makes men and women even in physical front.

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

I have a question for you bd_KonkaBoti. If I am a referee in a game and I see one team is taking unfair advantage, I will interfere and exercise my power to bring balance and justice. I won’t wait until the game is over and the disadvantaged team is defeated. If what you say is true, why did not god ever interfere? Why does god let the women suffer?

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

God did interfeared and that's why riligion came in to this world, Kumropotash. and through islam God has given women equality in every sector of life. if all the rights and rewards given to women was enforced, no women would ever suffered again. But it's men, and some half educated people who are still doing the same thing, and saying God has made us like this what can we do! One day, they will going to get their share of punishement for that.

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

In other words, god interfered and failed! Men defeated god and women! Interesting!

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

Well, its just coz of men rule over everywhere in the universe. Not even a single woman does that. If god did a fair play then why didn't he send any female prophet to kick ur so called ass to have this religion konkaboti?? Why is he keep saying always that girls have to listen whatever his husband wants. Why they they will be called bidhoba if her husband dies. If god did play a fair shot then this things wdnt be happened. And how cd u say the only half educated persons in the world can think like this way?? Now have some personal shots, ask ur marriage life whatever u got from ur PHD holder husband. Didn't u have had enough pain. I know u did. Coz everybody does in a way. It doesn't matter who the hell a man can be. Think thrice before spreading ur mouth. Its in men vein which he cant help to stop. More or less.

And for u little brat kumro. I asked about muslim religion coz the most happening disaster is going on this religion thru a man to woman. In another religion they do the same but more or less. But they do in any how that's for sure.

If god made equal man n woman in every step from the very beginning day he made humanity then it wd be happened today. Why he made a man first, why he needed to wait for adom's call to make a woman after, why did he say that women have to listen to their husbands always, why didn't he say women will work out like men too, why do they need to hide their organs like u konkaboti, if he did a make a rape word for girls then he shd have done like this for men too, he shd made some portion of men's body so a girl can tease a guy by looking at like guys, he shd have done things like these. Its been happening since our prophets time. that wd call an equal. But he didn't do any of this.

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)


(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

So iota you are saying that there are separate gods for separate religions – each with different levels of bias toward men. Gee, there’s just one problem! Each religion says that it is the only true religion! You still don’t see the lacuna in your argument?

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

well written kumropotash !!! now something about your question, 'why does god let the women suffer'....i dont know anything about god's will....but maybe its something just meant for women alone......sitting idley, blaming everyone, getting fraustrated....uhum, its not the way..... maybe its for us to find out our strength,ability against all possible odds.
shubachan, amader gaaner simaboddhota r bishoaybostur ontornihito ortho bujhte na para tuku apni pushiay dinn na..amara jokhon bujhte parchi na, tar mane apni bujhte gadday pore achi, apni sob bujhe gele proshnogulor uttor din na...

(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

Well maybe that’s it bushra but then we are back where we started – god works in mysterious ways! That’s one of the last things I am used to hearing when theists can’t justify the existence of god/religion based on logic! Think of a laboratory rat and then try to empathize how the rat would feel if it could think – I feel like that! It’s so unfair!

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