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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 15, 2002
From: shubachon
Protection of Religious Sentiment

Along with freedom of conviction and freedom of conscience, Islam guarantees the individual that his religious sentiments will be given due respect and that nothing will be said or done which may encroach on this right. It is ordained by God in the holy Quran: ""Do not abuse those they appeal to instead of God""(6:108).
These instructions are not limited to idols and deities-they also apply to the leaders or national heroes of the people.
If a group of people hold certain convictions and certain persons in an esteem which you feel is not deserved, then it is not justfiable in Islam for you to use abusive language to them and thus injure their feelings.
Islam does not prohibit people holding debate and discussions to be conducted in decency. "Do not argue with the people of the book unless it is in the politest manner" (29:46) says the QURAN.
This order is not limited to the people of the scriptures, but applies with equal force to those following other faith.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

Shubachon, why do you have to refer to religion in order to be polite? You think people cannot be polite unless they are religious? I would love to be polite to you as long as you are polite to me (part of that requires that you don’t call me “murkho” indirectly)! You may not find it in your holy book but this is one of my philosophies – “if you scratch my back, I will scratch yours!” By the way, I believe one of the prophets advised that one should not ask someone else to do something if one does not do it in the first place. So before asking others to be polite – use a mirror!

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