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Saturday, September 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2002
From: ahmed1
a few answers

Hopefully all the questions of bd_konkaboti are answered in the approved manner by kuasha. Thanks kusasha for your thoughtful responds. However bd_konkaboti if you have more concerns about this issue please do come up. I (may be we) really appreciate your questions.
Kumropotash, of course religion doesn’t come up with the word ‘provocative’ to describe female. In kuasha’s discussion you’ll find that males are also bound to cover up their certain portion of body. In the same way females are also required to do so. Now the obvious question becomes why females are to cover up all of their body. The answer is simple, even hair is an element which can arouse a sexist male. Now you can tell why we do not stop that perverted male before he does anything wrong to the female. Of course it’s a solution that we make laws and enforce them so that this kind of act never happens. Another option is to cover up women so that the beast inside these male cannot even get the chance to be awakened I am not opposed to the first option but what I’m trying to emphasize is if both the options are tied up then it should really work. Hence it makes sense that female should cover up their body.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

“Even hair is an element which can arouse a sexist male.” What about the female? Women don’t have any sexual urge? If a woman’s hair is arousing to men, why is not the reverse true? Why is there a beast inside male but not female? Religion is value-laden because it was created by us! Which is why it is confined to the creators’ mindset (men in this case)!

(Thursday, March 14, 2002)

u know mr. ahmed the problem is with the man.....not with women...u guys r the one who cant control urself....thats why for our safety we have to cover up ourselves.....why dont u guys do us a favour.....close ur eyes or get blind.....

(Thursday, March 14, 2002)

well said bushra .but i dont think so tht men dont need to close there eyes or get blind
as much i know tht men also have the same restriction as women have.they can't look to a women which is crossing beside him
even ,wht ever she is wearing ..
so u can;t blame only the women for tht. but i do agree with u MR Ahmed if a women want then she can wake up the beast inside a man . but can;t the men control there self ?

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