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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 04, 2002
From: kuashaa
few answers

God has given clear superiority to men over women. and only He 'exactly' knows why(at least I don't know). but some interpretor explains that when someone creates something, like a poem, only he poet knows exactly what he wanted to say. there are different interpretations of a single line, of a single para.

a woman can rule a man. mother rules children all over her life. elder sister beats her younger siblings(i am a victim ), female friends are regulating male friends. daughters do the same. only wife can't rule her husband; she can guide, help, request, cry, get angry. she can be less cooperative and lot other things. just she got no right to do some real "mreedu chopetaghaat." ofcourse, once she is attacked (more than anything 'mreedu') she got full right to defend. and remember, I can't go to heaven if m mother is not satisfied to me. what about Father?...go to hell!! now we can accuse God too that oh God! why you are so one eyed!! you gave real power to the lady and kept me like a Nidhiram Shordar?

keeping four wives at a time is Something called 'Sunnot.' our great prophet(PBUH) got married more than four times(on humanitarian ground). but what we 'aata mowlanas' explain is that 'go, grab her.' in fact, it is extremely difficult to have more than one wife at a time if one follows Islamic rules and teachingsConcerning polygyny, it is stated in the Quran, "If you fear that you will not be able to deal justly [with more then one wife], than [marry] only one" (al-Nisa 3). you cannot remarry without the present wife's consent(though Islam encourages and feel happy to be with your only beloved), you can't remarry unless your wife is unable to have sex, or unable to give birth, or disable to take care of herself and you and the family. etc. same thing applies to women too. moreover, you gotta be equal in love, in honour, in spending time, helping them and in attitude to all of your wives. is it possible? well, to me, it's punishment. i can't be equal. i love Shikha a lot she loves me much, love Borsha from the bottom of my heart she sings beautiful, love Hina very much she is cool featured, love Michelle too. never the same .

and porda, okay. woman's physical features are more provocative than a man. and attractive too. that's why women have to cover some more parts than men. for a men, it is...from waist to lower knee should be covered by loose wear. not fitting jeans showing your testes! . and all over the body too; loose wear.

now KonkaBoti regarding Hoors. There is no doubt that reward in the Hereafter encompasses both men and women. This is based on the following statements of Allah:
"Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, male or female" (al-lmran 195).
"Whosoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he(or she) is a true believer, We will give a good life" (al-Nahl 97).
"And whoever does righteous good deeds, being a male or a female, and is a true believer, such will enter Paradise" (al-Nisa 124).
"Verily, the Muslims, men and women, the believers, men and women... [up to the end of the verse where Allah says:] Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward" (al-Ahzab 35).
Allah mentions them entering into Paradise together,
"They and their wives will be in pleasant shade" (Ya Sin 56). Also,
"Enter Paradise, you and your wives, in happiness" (al-Zukhruf 70).
Allah also mentions that He will-recreate the women in the verse,
"Verily, We created them of special creation and made them virgins" (al-Waqia 35-36).
That is, Allah will recreate the elderly women and make them virgins. Similarly, Allah will recreate the elderly men and make them youths. It is also mentioned in the hadith that the women of this worldly life have a superiority over al-hoor al-ain due to the acts of worship and obedience that they performed [in this world]. Therefore, the believing women will enter Paradise just like the believing men. If a woman had a number of husbands and she enters Paradise with them, she will choose among them and will choose the one with the best character and behavior.

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Monday, March 04, 2002)

A little addition in above. Islam never refrained women to go for a second marriage if the present husband is bad and even for the case where the husband is good but she has lost all the love for him! The only difference is, she can only go for the second one after divorcing the first one! Islam wanted to make sure that neither the married couple nor the society has any second thought regarding the father of the child!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Still the husband rules over the wife (I can slap you my wife but I will go to heaven nonetheless because your mother-in-law loves me!)! A man can have four wives simultaneously (I guess god was too naοve to realize that men would abuse this sunnot)! Fazle alam babu, I hope now you know what caused an abrupt pause to your sister’s education! You cannot blame those “bokhate” boys! Religion teaches us that female body is “provocative!” And men will get 70 hoors but women will only get to choose from their husbands on earth! I think Pardeshi was right – god is HE!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

I am sorry if I sounded babyish!

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

kuashaa, i m always afraid to respond to ur postings....all the time u seem to know so much, and i know sooooooo little....but where there is konkadi i think i can raise my voice a bit from the behind ...
ya, God has given clear superiority to men over women and only he 'exactly' knows why. But what i was wondering is that, what good is this 'superiority' thing is doing to filthy, little, 2nd class inferior creatures like us and dad have the right to rule us...there's no question about that....yet ---mother rules children, children who knows- its their father who has the right to rule her or 'mreedu chopetaghat' her !!! how very honorable ..

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

elder sister beats her brother? believe me, the reverse is also true and I am a victim of that ..friends regulate friends.why drawing a line between female and male.there's no rule saying female friends r superior and can slap u or vise versa.
she is guiding n helping yet its her superior husband who has the right to 'mreedu chopetaghat'. dont u think she needs to guide and help herself out of this weird situation ? and why violence ? Should divine things like religion would allow you to hurt your beloved ? Does that seem fair to you ?its not a war we are talking about

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

"and she can defend if attacked( more then anything 'mreedu').." one simple slap from her honorable husband can turn someone's world upside down when she knows no apologizes will be conveyed caz God allows us a favor kuashaa, help us defining the limit of 'mreedu'. (who knows might be helpful to me in my future life and you can also explain to your wife/wives why you ‘mreedu chopetaghat’ she/them )

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

kuashaa, i believe we are not talking about the difficulties of having four wives but the righteousness of a law that allows you to have four wives at the same time may seem just 'difficult' to you, but i certainly will question the integrity of a person who has two wives let alone FOUR....having multiple wives says 'u r not sufficient for me , i m not satisfied with you' to each of can u expect support or guideline or help from such insufficient person/persons ?

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

Rony salman, 'the only difference' is a huge difference ! it is reasonable , logical to divorce one and marry someone else FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN !!!! it should not be considered as a kind gesture towards women !!! its a humane and civilized thing, we dont have any problem with that..the problem is why is this 'only difference' ?... why not 'NO DIFFERENCE .....same for all, divorce and then get married'...?

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

last of all sorry tukro tukro kore reply diber jonno ....RE. dite iccha korchilo na...abar bb long reply ak sathay naayo na

(Friday, March 15, 2002)

Well done Bushra!! onekdin por Kushaa-ke "kaait" korar moto kore keu posting dilo!!
Love to see kuashaa crying!!

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

khub jhamelaay achhi Didi bhai ra. Jhamelata katuk. Michhiley aashchhi, aabar dekha hobey.

(Saturday, March 16, 2002)

hi kuashaa, u know i have a dada who calls me 'didi moni'...just like u said didi bhai !!!...take care

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