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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 04, 2002
From: bd_KonkaBoti
few questions!!

Let me make one thing clear first: I am not an atheist. I am a strong believer of GOD. I believe there is only one god, the self-sufficient besought of all, he begotteth not, nor he begotten, and none is like him. I seek his help when I am in distress, I ask him to stand beside me when I am alone. I also believe in human dignity. I believe in peace and equality.However, I understand one thing from my life experience: it’s easier for men a to be a believer of God then a woman.

Although I am a believer of GOD, being a woman since my Girlhood, I always have some questions in my mind, about God and his creation of women. Questions I never got a good answer from anyone. Whenever I asked those questions, my mother scolded me saying I talk too much, which is bad for girls. In later life, I have been asked the same questions in several occasions, which I could never answer properly. The depth of current discussion on the topic “ women & religion”, encouraged me to post the questions here in BB with a hope to have some reliable answers this time (and mum is not around to ask me to shut up!) The questions are:

1. God created men and women, but a numerous number of prophets came to this world as saviors, not a single of them was woman, why?

2. Why men are superior to women? God created both, then why “purush nareer upor kotritto kari”?

3. Why men have the right to “shashon” women? Are not women capable enough to make decisions? Both of them are created from the entity of God, why one would have the power to shashon another?

4. Why men have the right to hit women even if it is a “ mridu chopetaghat”? What about women? Can they do the same?

5. Why as witness two women are equal to one man? What if the women are more educated and intelligent then the man?

6. If a man can have 4 wives at a time, why women can’t have the same advantage of polygamy?

7. Good men will be rewarded with 70 beautiful women in their life-after (in heaven) along with many other things, what about women? (This question used to make my mother mad! Sorry mum!)

8. Why only women have to cover themselves with a “outer garment” to hide their beauty and charm? What about men?

I know these are some very sensitive questions. My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings and emotions. I am seeking truth. If anyone have the answer of these quetsions or knows a place I can get answers from, please help me.

People Discussion
(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Good questions bd_KonkaBoti. I would also like to know the answers to these questions although they won't help me with my studies!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

jukti bhittik ebong authentic uttorer jonno kichu porashuna ebong anusondhanto kortei hobe.
hope u'll find ur answer soon from the islamic point of view. someone may come up with nice answer and able to answer ur question.

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Shubachon, why don't you be that "someone!" I assume you have done the "porashuna!"

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

that's very well said shubachon. and it is good to know that you have the moral courage to accept the truth that you know less, need more study. so do I. as a believer of God (is why) we can be that honest. we don't assume anything like many others who pretends to be a logic lover.

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Still the husband rules over the wife (I can slap you my wife but I will go to heaven nonetheless because your mother-in-law loves me!)! A man can have four wives simultaneously (I guess god was too naïve to realize that men would abuse this sunnot)! Fazle alam babu, I hope now you know what caused an abrupt pause to your sister’s education! You cannot blame those “bokhate” boys! Religion teaches us that female body is “provocative!” And men will get 70 hoors but women will only get to choose from their husbands on earth! I think Pardeshi was right – god is HE!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Oops wrong posting again!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

Kuashaa I have stated it very clearly that I am not interested in having any personal strife. However if you choose to act like a baby, I will treat you like one! Accepting something without questioning or knowing completely is not an indication of moral courage – it implies low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, submissiveness etc. I believe one of the prophets said that one should not advise something to someone unless one practises it. You along with some others have accused me of talking about religion without having adequate knowledge of it and advised me to do some reading on it. Being so devoted to religion, I have assumed that you are all learned in this area (otherwise you would have disregarded the prophet’s advice)! So I expect you to speak like a learned person instead of being driven by faith! You see the logic now?

(Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

god himself a guy and he is the creator of everything. thats why he made a guy first, and then he made one woman (by adom's request). well, though god is a piece a wise crap, thats why he avoided about his look a like. and as far as the ur so called question concerns, so these r useless crap. woman r for just men's mental and physical happiness. thats all.
god has made woman for male's emotional, mental and physical support. hmm, u can say that u people r kind of slave of men. actually not slave, its a job u have do wheather u like it or not, wheather u call it u have been asking or forcing to do or anything. the most sweetest word goes to a woman thru a man, and the most worst scold goes the same way to a woman too. so u see u have been sent in the world to pleased us i mean men. like ur husband, ur son. like a good host. hmm, u will get this reward such like when men will go to the heaven. u will be the leader of those 70 hoors. i mean kokhon kake tomar hubby kache pathabe sheta tumi select korbe

god has made this rule and u have to be agreed with it wheather u want or not. u have to listen whatever ur husband wants u to listen. ummm, u can call urself a bolod. u know who is bolod?? that means a cow who listens to his master whatever he says. well, god has given u that much patience and courrage too thats why u people always listen to guys, like bolods u know.

so, stop asking those questions which dont have any value. keep giving poti sheba to ur husband. remember, he is happy then god is happy. he is ur golden ticket to go to heaven.


P.S ( god's universe, he does whatever he likes, who the hell r u to say a word, just do ur job with having a smile on ur goddamn face by saying u r great god! u r great.)

(Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

Just one problem iota! There are men and women around the world who have started changing their attitudes toward the traditional male-female roles. I guess you and your god will soon be defeated to enlightenment!

(Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

Kanka,you didn't mention which verse of Quran talks about your questions.
Prophet Mohammad siad,'My favorite are those who are traet their wives best'.
Also the first person to accept Islam was bibi Khadija,a woman.
Remember Quran came to us in the 7th century,that time women were treated like nothing,they used to put women in graves alive.Men at that time could have any number of woman,in some cases hundreds.So,what Islam did was to put a limit of upto four wives per men with other conditions attached.
Again those days men made comments every time they saw a women and women those days weren't any better either,So our great prophet asked muslim women to cover themselves so even the non muslim knew when they saw a muslim women and showed respect to them as they knew these women were different than others.I will talk about rest of your questions later.

(Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

Again living inside a jailhouse to save oneself from robbery! Good suggestion!

(Thursday, March 14, 2002)

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