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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 04, 2002
From: Onti
Kumro & others................Farewell to arms, history and religion


Actually we people always running with dualism nothing stratified distinctly. We debated a lot during the last 3 days but we put our opinions on controversy. At last you took the point in your statement ``Yes science is not static. It continues building on the current knowledge base and keeps growing. It’s not constant like religion. ΄΄

Yes science is so dynamic and even you can say now a days its beyond your imagination. In IT sector that is unbelievable. I arms and amunition production, that can imagine the Bosses those who are rulling the World (over atleast developing countries). In biological sciences it is creeping though but that is till steady. Now we are able to transfer any gene (any desired characteristics to any organism) but that is not all. Science is developed for human being. Human being is not a tool for science. As compared to global development lets have a look where we are (the inhabitants in Bangladesh)? What else we need for at least to get some betterment with us? I don’t like to keep my efforts with the past history of ``Gola bhora dhan, Pukur bhora mach & Kontho bhora Gan΄΄. Although religion is playing badly in our society but till I think if we bring some flow in production and money making process, religion will no more a major barrier with us. From the history of last few centuries, we know the Bengali Nation is well accommodative, that inheritance is still remaining with us.

Once again I could request Kumropotash and others, no more heeling with religion. Lets talk something elseon development aspect. That actually need our (poor?) Bangladesh.

People Discussion
(Monday, March 04, 2002)

I have said before that science is not static in another response to Rony Salman. Just as religion, the impact of science also depends on how we use it. We can use atomic energy to produce bombs or electricity. The choice depends on us. Science, like religion, is the product of human beings.

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