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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, March 03, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Haay Dhormo Haay Biggan, Porechho Orbacheener Haatey: Kisti Shesh

This is in response to Rony Salman.
I have said before that I am not asking anyone to change his/her belief. I am trying to understand whether there is any other reason apart from faith to justify religion. As someone else has mentioned, no one likes his/her “sacred cow” to be questioned or criticized. I am sorry anyway if my questions appeared pompous. I don’t think people question religion the way I am doing! I am sorry if you have encountered these questions before. However, there are other people who might not have come across these questions. Yes science is not static. It continues building on the current knowledge base and keeps growing. It’s not constant like religion. There was a time when theists used to say, science has done everything but it can’t create humans – that’s the jurisdiction of god. I am sure one day science will be able to explain your question Rony Salman and I am also sure that you will be quick to come up with another thing that science is yet to explain! Like you said, any Tom, Dick or Harry can do that!

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Monday, March 04, 2002)

I never made any attempt to question either any science’s discoveries or any religious beliefs, so you have no point in bringing up the issue that I would be quick to bring up something to question science’s discovery! None of my posting is against science, I only mentioned we take the latest discoveries and discard the previous. You seemed to take everything too personally!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

I did not take anything personally as you did not say anything personal! My response was based on your following comments - “Science does have its limitations too…”, “Science has discovered many splendid things, how the planets move around its orbit, what is the angle, and what not, but when we ask WHY they are behaving like this, it comes up with..’cause, the nature/universe runs it that way!”

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