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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Sunday, March 03, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Religion & women development for kumropotash

I feel comfortable typing in English. You can write in Bangla using English letters, I have trouble reading it as I am not used to but that’s fine with me.
I did not say that countries like Bahrain, Turkey and UAE had abandoned religion. My point is that religious influence is relatively less in these countries compared to Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia due to certain factors and there appears to be a negative correlation between religious influence and literacy rate among women. Yes religion has talked about the importance of education but for whom? For men, women or both?
I don’t think islam is completely successful in putting an end to slavery. Middle East courtiers employ servants from the developing countries and from time to time, we come to know how they have been subjected to inhumane conditions (as opposed to the teaching of islam)! I have seen many Bangladeshi people from my parent’s generation who are religious minded but mistreat the servants. Please be careful when you make generalized statements.
Being atheist does not mean that you can’t be humane! In real world, I know some atheists who are much better as human beings than many (not all) religious persons I have seen!
There is no such thing as “prokrito dhormio shikkha ebong onushilon” in reality. Religion might have been created to do some good for mankind by human beings but in course of time, it has become a tool for exploitation. As long as there will be opportunistic people, it will continue to be like that. It’s better to abandon religion before it causes some more serious damage.
I have not seen any religious people to express remorse for being religious. But I have seen NUMEROUS people in pain because of religion (most recently after September 11). If you go for crude example, religious has caused more death than smoking! To me, that is a much bigger concern.
Religion is one of the main constraints to education in Bangladesh, NOT the only main constraint. Poor people in Bangladesh have many children because they are told that god will take care of food, clothing etc (there are other reasons why they want to have many children though). Since god does not do so (because god is not real), they have no other option but to send their children to work.
I am sorry to know about what happened to your sister. However, such things can be prevented by changing peoples’ (both men and women) attitude toward women and religion is not necessary for such purpose. We need to enlighten people, not make them religious.
Is not there at least one person in the world who is properly educated in religion (as per your definition)? If there are such people, why do we see such widespread exploitation and misinterpretation of religion (again as per your argument)? The REALITY speaks against what you are saying!

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