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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Sunday, March 03, 2002
From: Onti
Re: Kumropotash.............Women Development

Kumropotash! Take it easy plz.

Of course our discussion should be open enough but it might have certain goal. Yes we can start discussion with another points. No matter, but this point is really good one. It is my personal opinion but I think Bangladesh needs it much----- you have to consider. Kumropotash! I am a person of quite different discipline and interest. But I feel that development should be accomplished with the women in BD.

Do you ever thought about how we are loosing by simply not utilizing these women power that is about 50% of our labour power?

With few exceptions like in garments sector and some small cottage industry women labour power is still under utilized. We can’t hurt the religious norms and believing but we can improve the orthodox behaviour of our society. Under such conditions we can utilize omen power sat around home or locality. You know most of our women just loosing their time simply for three times cooking and taking care of the family members. If we can reduce their time of cooking (providing the provision of cooked food and method of cooking) and some home based or community based industries there we can engage our women population to work. They could be possible to earn money as a man does.

Thus they can be able to get some support for self-reliance and self-empowerment without conflicting persisted social barriers or religious norms. It may be seemed impossible or hypothetical but I think it’s the time to think over it. We have to find an alternative to bring them into the mainstream of production and to reduce time for cooking. It’s really wasting a lot in terms of production.

Kumropotash, unlike Arsenic project of UNICEF our women as well as all community is well capable to accept something that will bring benefit for them in long run. But you know some agitation must arise, it is very common for adoption of something new in the traditional approaches. We have to be patient. Adoption process itself takes time for establishment.

You are welcome to open a new chapter for discussion parallel to this. But I would like to request you people all. Lets have some discussion over this women development issue. It is deadly hindering our development process. I believe there is a number of Scholastic people often visit this BB. We must have a goal to clearing our mind from a superficial idea about our own circumstances. That will in turn help to knock our policy makers to take the appropriate steps.

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