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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: Onti
Thanks Shubochon, Kuasha & Kumropotash................Women empowerment

Thanks Shubochon!

Actually we people here just wondering around the stratosphere of the religion. Although we don’t have any concrete perception about Islam, Hindu, Buddha, Christian, Jews etc, so it’s better to keep aside. Its not fare to discuss worthless chapter without knowing it. I requested Kumropotash several times but he heeled it repeatedly.

Anyway Shubochon! you draw a very good example and we people have also a good chance to have lessons from it. This example is self-explanatory and we don’t need to discuss about religion even more. If somebody is still curios plz be patient to discuss it personally.

I do appreciate Kuasha about his worthy series of posting. But always I feel guilty to attack somebody personally. The opinions of Kumropotash are controversial to that with us. So, what! That should be. Our individuality must have the right to stand with such variations. I may ask Kumropotash, your hands are really skilled. Can we drive it towards a specific goal, constructively?

The theme of Konkaboti is really important in our socio-economic situations. We need women hands to bring into our productive stream. We have the drawbacks. We are limiting seriously to provide them into productive sector. What are the constraints? We can look forward that. From the above discussions really it is amazing that we got a very good and scholastic community here in BB. We want to pick some benefits from here for the ignored and underpowered women population in Bangladesh.

People Discussion
(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

Onti, if you work in Bangladesh to empower women with the help of religion, I won’t go there and try to impair your efforts. But we are discussing here on a bulletin board. And anyone can discuss anything. This bulletin board is located on the WWW and anyone with computer and internet connection can access it. So this is an open discussion – not limited to a boundary set by certain persons. As I have said, in Bangladesh working alongside religious institutions will be a better approach to women development (not because I believe in religion but because of a war strategy known as the “The Art of War”). I know that the arsenic campaign by UNICEF has successfully used religious bodies/concepts to effectively disseminate information on arsenic contamination. If you are interested, you may contact the UNICEF office in Bangladesh.

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