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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Haay Dhormo Haay Biggan, Porechho Orbacheener Haatey: Kisti Dui

I believe I am the only atheist person posting messages here. The others have faith in religion and they are trying to justify their faith in many ways. That is why I am responding to different people (including you). My intention is to understand whether there is any valid reason as opposed to faith to justify its presence. If you are really interested in not starting any strife, I suggest you not use “mean” and “misleading” words like “squeezing!” I did not explain any technology – I only pointed out a limitation of this bulletin board hoping B2K might alleviate it (because several people are experiencing the same problem, it’s more likely that the limitation is from B2K’s side).
As for the answers you provided, I have a few comments. Apparently the perfection process is seriously flawed because the older religions are still in presence (they are not lost – god needs to study human psychology more closely!) and causing unnecessary bloodshed (the most recent one would be in India). So I would say god actually failed to perfect religion! As for rewarding belief, you are saying that Tula Miah and his son will be rewarded in life after death because they jeopardized their lives for believing god! You know there is a term for people like this in Psychology who derive pleasure by torturing others! Let’s say that I was born in a muslim family whereas you were born in a hindu family. Naturally I will have relatively higher probability of living my life as a muslim. and in life after death, I will be rewarded and you will be punished. This does not provide equal opportunity to you and I to espouse islam which makes god biased! But wait a second – is not god impartial! No wonder you could not answer the last question! Something that does not exist is not supposed to come from anywhere in the first place! The key distinction between science and religion is that science encourages asking questions whereas religion encourages accepting without doubting/raising questions. This holds true no matter in which part of the world you live. I have lived in Iraq and Bangladesh before I moved to North America recently but to me, science makes more sense than religion.

People Discussion
(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

if you get hurt for the word 'squeezing' i will always say sorry. but what you will say to them who are getting offended due to your self respect only?
we are nobody to judge the perfection of God. He is not in need of our certificate of perfection. but as long as logic is concerned i am sure somebody will come up with something, soon.
i didn't say anything about Tula Mia. but I know the story. and i know who talked about him and hope he will explain that. just one thing, i don't think he said anything like Tula Mia will be rewarded (ref. "you are saying that Tula Miah and his son will be rewarded in life after death because they jeopardized their lives for believing god!")in life hereafter!!
isn't it your turn to be a little more carefull reading others' postings?

(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

If I have offended someone, that person can speak for himself/herself. I don’t have to talk to you in this regard.
As long as someone claims that god’s last religion is a perfect one, anyone can challenge it!
I have triangulated what you and Onti have said (like 2 and 2 make 4). If I am wrong, either of you can point it out by telling why!

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