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Saturday, September 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 21, 2001
From: neelbedona
Truth Of Dare

Girl!!! Who is made by one of a guys bone called (Adom). The whole world is dominated by MAN. Girl likes a flower, gives this universe a cold soothing love to freeze the universe in a love sweet wine. Though god made a girl from a guys bone. He never disrespected a girl's oath.. her honor.. and her inner self respect. He gives all the beauty on the planet.. all the Greece, all the flowing gentle wind.. chirping birds, flying honey bees.. for a nature. And there is a nature goddess who nurtured them and lend them with her warmth embrace. We don't see if really there is a goddess or not. We believe that a thing.. a world.. a heart and a nature can mend from a females touch. That's why we think and believe there is a nature goddess (a female saint) out there. Who keeps and mends thing well. In every such place in the world and in every such way girl gets a high prestigious honor more than a guy. Whenever we see a girl we always use to have an honor and an sanctuary respect coz we see and believe in a girl has that much patience, love and guts so, she is giving us her warmth love to run this world. Without these elements we cant do a thing. We know that, that's why we always have a respective eye for girl. God didn't make any selfish act at all by making a guy first. He does make a guy but to run that guy he makes a girl. We guys don't have patience for anything we r rough n tough. Our love is different n very calculative. U know why?? coz its needed to run a world. But with it u need a little care, love and happiness which can only given by a girl. That's ur power, that's how u jump up in a new way and start running again. If god gives a life he gives it thru a girl, If god give guys strength he gives girl to control it by love.. if he give guys a heart he gives girl the power to mend it. If he gives a guy a impatient mind he gives a girl to listen it patiently and convey in a well way. if it wsnt happened. This beautiful world we r watching now. It wd be destroyed. U think, we see a man heavy strong.. as much as guts he has like a high mountain, he cant clear himself to a guy. Only he can clear himself to a girl. That strong huge monster seem guy feels careless to her coz he knows only she can have a look in his soul. Its from god that he gives a superpower in a girl. That's how a guy ultimately feel close and feel free to say a thing. The shyness, the strong attitudes use to be gone from his mind. As well as a girl needs these kind of things so, she can spend her life time in a good way. so, we see guys don't dominate girls. Its all about give n take. We give them a very high honor for giving us their angel wings.

Miss konkaboti said, " to a guy (by showing her inch's white teeth to b2k) megh is a kid so he thinks girls should act like a mother.. hahaha.. are boka shobai jodi mother hoi tobe bou hobe ke"

Do u know really whom and why do u call a mother konkaboti.. what does it really mean.. and what we get from her. Now this 24 yrs old fucken crackheaded navim hassan will tell u what does it mean. Mother means where we can feel fearless, can say about our sorrow, joy, share our views about such prospectives, where we can get that mere love, where we can cry and trust, where we can put our faith, who can mend, can understand us and know how to take care. Where we get a priceless, unconditional love. That's call mother. These r the things which a guy want in a girl. But the only one point is which is only can shared to ur wife that's sex. U think in every such way a guy seems like a baby to his wife too, he wants her to lend him, love him like crazy, cry for him, can mend his heart, can wipe his tears, sealed a kiss to his forehead and say I m there for u don't worry.
But he always get late to come and join the food with his ladybird.. though he wants his girl to sit down towards the food by seeking her man will come and they will eat together. but guys said, "why u always waiting for me, I told u before I go that I will come late." But he is so pleased, his love for her got more stronger by watching that his girl is so caring for him. He feels so good n secured. So, he can buy a damn thing for his soulmate. This is how he expresses his feeling to her. this is guy mean. He wants to sleep like a baby in his girls sweet embrace, he wants her to lend him up. But the point is he cant say. Coz guys really cant say things. This is how god makes men. What can a guy do. Well, konki darling, get me well and think thrice before saying a thing to this wonder boy. Did u feel love??? Did u see the death?? Did u feel it??? U didn't. but I felt it and I know things about life,, love,, and worst things more than u can imagine, coz this bad ass leads a life which is not authentic. Now come to the point,

Whenever u see that most desired love goddess statue has a corrupt heart for a guy. And think she can screw a guy's oath.. his entire wisdom.. Legacy that god builds in him to grab this universe and run like a hell. Then how do u feel??? How will u react if ur desired sanctuary goddess seems like she can tares ur kingdom not only ur, the whole guy species territory. How will u feel, if she gives a damn about ur trust, ur faith that u had for ur girl??? How will u act if she breaks all of ur trust and how will u act if she dishonors the whole men Ferocious ruling attitude with that u r ruling the universe.. Wont u prove urself once more that u r the game who rules this world????? Wont u chock her neck for her unforgiven sin??? I know u wont let it go if a girl hits ur wounded men passion.

So, oishi or whatever u r.. don't try to break horizon and never dare to set ur goal there.. coz god has forbidden girl to go there. Enjoy ur life, love purely a guy, he will bring the world to u. and if u dare then with due respect telling u there will be no mercy. So, stay in ur limits. Don't let urself go forever from this world coz of ur silly acts.

Arek ta baje kotha boli kichu mone korenna.. u said u can screw a guy. With due respect once again telling u purush kake bole.. aar pourosshtto ki jinish ta ochirei ter peye jaben aapni. U don't believe it until u see it..

Thank you..


People Discussion
(Tuesday, May 22, 2001)

Kisui dauni

(Tuesday, May 22, 2001)

Kisui dauni
Tobu mone hoy, diyeso onek------
Jeno hawa diye voreso shunnota~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ontora
May 20, 2001

(Wednesday, May 23, 2001)

Thank you friend navim for ur wise and authentic comments on this wide subject. we all know that, men & women are created for each other and we should act accordingly within our dignified areas. bhogni/jaia/jononi & koinna> eiholo shashoto shotter sharup. onakangkhito kothamala kokhono shattoke mlan korte parena. shutorang bondhu pourush er bohiprokash protishodher maddhome noi, kormer maddhomei prokash korun, porisheshe amar shuvo kamona apnar jonno.

(Friday, March 21, 2003)


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