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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: kuashaa
Haay Dhormo Haay Biggan, Porechho Orbacheener Haatey: Kisti Dui

Aamar Aapon Bhubon

you are handling religion in one hand, in other hand handling islam. one more hand is busy in teaching 'Attentiveness' the fourth one is cuddling hate; spreading it. the fifth hand is happy saving time from wasting on useless debate(with pardeshi!), in one hand you are sqeezing Fazle alam babu and RANA RAHMAN and cactus and konkaboti are in your other hand. one more hand has recently got engaged into explaining BB Discussion Technology. I am sure your left few more hands are busy or waiting to show something new. we are waiting eagerly to see the pandora's box.

as i told you before i am a believer of God, i try to see everything in an optimistic way. mankind is safe on my hands(two only) as i wait to be rewarded in the life hereafter(hope you don't mind). when i am in frustration i seek help of God. when i am in turmoil i ask God to be with me. and for your kind information, whatever i am saying here is absolutely my opinion, my attitude, my thoughts. I had a great time discussing all these things with friends, families and mentors-locally and overseas since my boyhood. it's responsibilities and liabilities both are mine.

Once I started studying Bible, Ingeel Shorif and Quran, all together, my dad asked me what I was doing. I replied that, trying to do some comparative study. he advised me to learn and realize the Quran first and then go for other religious studies. unfortunately i couldn't take the opportunity due to some very personal engagements.

i really have some questions to be answered to make my belief even more glorified. but i didn't have those answers properly stuffed. my questions were, 1. why God created three / four religions and 2. declaired one day that all are lost but Islam. 3. why there is no broad day light proof of His existence? 4. why there will be a life after death, and most important is 5. where did God come from?

nobody dared to answered me the 5th question. all said, He was since the begining. no reason, no logic, no further scope of argument!! However, answer of 1 was : He taught us the way of perfection. nothing comes overnight. perfection is a process. answer 2. because He wanted to make people ready for something COOL, and after treating with human psychology, he knew what was the right time to place something new. answer 3. this is the fundamental thing of being rewarded. how deep is your faith on something told by somebody unknown. but exapmles of his existence is everywhere. one needs to find it. answer 4. to reward the believer and punish non believer.

as a believer, my mind is always ready to accept things said according to my belief, i admit it. i admit, even I had a harder time saying “yes” to this position-that religion is a scientific issue-than I did for the converse, that science is a religious issue. In general, I think it is difficult for those of us who have been raised in this culture to be enthusiastic about the notion that religion is a scientific issue, largely because doing so means letting go of some scientific absolutes that we may not even be aware we hold sacred. So, in part, my comments on this topic are meant to challenge the sacred cows of science that we have learned to champion. Some may not care much for this approach; we all of us don’t much like to have our sacred cows getting pushed around. However, I am not asking for agreement, only for a willingness to listen and consider(you don't have to be careful).

To begin, let me suggest that our responses to both religion and science are more learned than innate. Children naturally integrate the two subjects. When they talk to God, they often ask scientific questions, and when they talk about science, they make observations that are somewhat spiritual in nature. In other words, the distinctions that the adult world makes between science and religion may be context-bound rather than definitive.

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