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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: kuashaa
Haay Dhormo Haay Biggan, Porechho Orbacheener Haatey: Kisti Ek :

Poribesh Porichiti

Aapnar haat er shongkha shudhu berei cholechhey kumropotash. Maa Durga'r jemon doshti haat aami temni bohu haat shomponno ekjon rokto mangsher tarkik key dekhtey peye aanondito.

I tried to go through all the write ups you posted in last few of days (man I wonder about your typing speed!!), 'very attentively', that you always ask for (a good teacher) and tried to realize your thought, attitude and 'openness'. though we were supposed to be confined in 'Religion and Women Development' but we are far ahead of the principle topic, or may be far back, still it's nice to have a chance to flourish our knowledge, and to know our new friend on the block. Very welcome (along with Fazle alam babu and Onti), on behalf of the friends of BB aami kuashaa. BB tey praay 7/8 maash dhorey aashi. temon purono na. amar cheye purono aar praay shobai. ekhaney aami onek taarkik good friends peyechhi, onek good enemy o peyechhi. remember, whatever i got is good. nothing called 'bad'. jaara aamar cheye purono, boyoshey chhoto holeo taader respect kori kaaron Standing Seniority boley ekta kotha aachhey. tachhara, aamra onekei pashchattey boshobash korley o pashchatter 'fuck' culture er shathey obbhosto hotey parini ekhono. jekhaney shobai shobaikey fuck korey.

Ei sthantikey(BB) aamra shobai nijer property bolei money kori. Jehetu shobai ei property'r malik taai aamader moddhey jhogra hoy kintu bibhed sreeshti hoy na. Kaaron aamra khub careful thakar cheshta kori jaatey kono Borgee eshey aamader nijeder ei baashsthan key Borbor bhumi baniye naa pheley. aami nishchit aapni kichhudin ekhaney kaataley ei BB key aapnar o nijer bolei money hobey. aapnar shobgulo haat er proti sroddha rekhei bolchhi, aami ebong aamra aaro onek Room e jaai, onek notun manushder shathey porichoy hoy, kintu BB'r bondhuder moto korey aapon kora maanoshikota kothau dekhini. Oboshshoi eta tai aamar first home. second home o ekta aachhey.

kumropotash, shudhu onekgulo haat e naa, aapnar haatgulo besh lomba o botey. Congress thekey shuru korey aaro kotona jaay gaay jaan aapni. aami otodur jetey paarina. aamar kichhu sheemaboddhota aachhey, etey aami aahoto hoi na kokhono kaaron aami bishshash kori ei bishsho bromhandey ekmattro God e osheem khomotar odhikaaree. and yes i am a beliver of God, and thus His slave.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

Actually I have been posting messages here for a few months! I am versatile in nature and interested in many things. And I try to learn about those things in many ways. My typing speed is not that fast – it’s much less than a professional typist! I do not show respect to someone just because of seniority. I don’t think people should do that – for example, if my teacher does something illegal or unethical, he/she won’t get any respect from me. There are many good things in the western culture – if you focus on those, you may be able to enrich yourself. One should always try to get the good things from other cultures while avoiding the bad things (in reality, people tend to do the opposite). You can believe in god – as I have said that’s fine with me as long as you keep it personal.

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