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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Kumro! Re: Religion & Women Development

Onti you are dancing around the topic! I have asked you specific questions. As far as I know, islam offers a complete and comprehensive set of instructions as to how one should live. If islam is infallible (because it has been created by god), then it should be able to justify all the instructions it directs. Leaving something out of the agenda is not going to justify it! If you are saying that restrictive clothing for women is not a religious custom, I would suggest you mention it to someone who has read the quran and see how that person reacts!
Science is yet to discover exactly how life was evolved from a simple form to a complex form. You don’t need god to give life to an organism! Put a cooked dish out in the open for several days and as it becomes stale, you will see mould (not because of god but because of the interaction among chemical components). I am not obliged to believe in islam? Does not islam promise that if you die of a religious war, heaven is guaranteed for you? That gives more than enough motivation to some theists to go out and kill people and/or get killed!
Actually there are people who have sex with animals or engage in incest! I personally won’t do that because I have a high moral (not because god gives it to me but because of the interaction among genes, physical and social environment and situational factors). Onti, is not it in the quran that someone sacrificed his own son to please god? Or you blame it on misinterpretation too? People in the developed country have learned to keep religion separate from the state and that is one of the reasons why they could prosper. In Bangladesh, because of the deep-seated presence of religion, it’s not practical to go for development activities without involving religion. The art of war principle which emphasizes on knowing the enemy
for successful elimination will be a better approach.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

High moral? Good to know that.

(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

"Ei sthantikey(BB) aamra shobai nijer property bolei money kori. Jehetu shobai ei property'r malik taai aamader moddhey jhogra hoy kintu bibhed sreeshti hoy na." How fast can people forget!

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