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Thursday, August 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2002
From: Onti
Kumro! Re: Religion & Women Development

At first, I would like pay thanks to Konkaboti and Pordeshi for saying me welcome here.

Now come to the points with Kumropotash. I have already mentioned several times Pordah is not a representative of total Islam. So, we can leave it from our agenda, but Kumropotash we have to have respect on religious norms and believes (may be that is belonging to other religions including Islam).

Now let me hold the point why religious norms are static any why not changing with the changing lifestyle? Yes, you can find these are somewhat flexible in other religions except Islam. Why it is static in Islam? Before get your answer you have to realise that there must have some eternal power. That have created all the nature, the universe as well as the human beings with their ever changing attitude. Although you can say that this is only out come of the science-but my question is who regulates? Now a days science is exploring every discipline to discover the fact. Man has cloned sheep. Human clone is not far from your door. Scientists had already been discovered the gene sequences. They can combine, discard or can do some else with genetic engineering. But till the form of life, maintenance and behaviour of a living organism is a stunt to everybody. You cant get any linear relationship with anything in biological science. My question why it is happening? Why are these variability? You have all elements of life around you. But cant give life to an organism. Only you can help it or can change its state to some extent of an existing life. These indicates, there must have some reason and something is controlling that.

You may say that is some Super nature or some form of Power but that is not sufficient to satisfy such a question.

We Muslims have a firm faith in Allah. Allah created the all everything and Allah created the human being with their wisdom. You are not obliged to believe that but we Muslims do believe. The Norms and Quranic verses came from Allah through our Prophet and that the reason it is static in Islam. We believe that from the core of our heart but we are so poor that we do not abide by the indications of the Quran.

You may think it as a funny believing, but you have to realise at least one thing you are not beyond the control of that.

If you are not still convinced then I have to draw an ugly example. It sounds bad (I don’t like to put it here but I have to). Could you make sex with a dog, cow, or other animals? Can you do that with your mom or daughter? I think you cant. Why? They have the organs, why not? Because, you yourself cant do that, there is some automatic control. You cant define why this control appears. The existence and almightiness of Allah also not to be explained in such a logical way.

Actually its not good to discuss about Islam or religion without knowing it. I am not a person from this discipline. Its better to discard it from our discussion.

The main theme of Religion and Women development as raised by Konkaboti holds a good weight in our socio-economic environment. We can discuss constructively to find out the interventions behind the development of women in Bangladesh. I would like to request you people not to keep our discussion on Pordah or other social barriers. Although it is playing a very bad role in our country with maximum women. Why it is happening? We have to look forward that. Pordeshi brought some very good points, but Kumropotash ignored that. I think the social circumstances is responsible almost and social leader picking benefits by the name of the customs of Islam. You know the Tula Miah who killed his son by himself for kurbani. There are a lot of Tulka miahs here in our society. They are simply exploiting the others pushing them into the dark because we are not aware enough, not educated enough, we don’t have financial security. So, those people can easily control us by their intuited power. The scholars in our society simply just sleeping or not yet worthy enough against that Devils. This is the day to find out the right way. Our discussion should be accelerated towards that way.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

Let us discuss on the issue. It's nice, it increases knowledge and appetite for truth. And truth is beauty and beauty is God. For me, I can tell you I am keeping myself away from conflict, and that's important for many of us.

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