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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 01, 2002
From: Onti
Response to Kumropotash

(I am sorry to post my comments here as my opinions are not going to be posted from the aprropriate place. May be something wrong with my net settings.)

Thanks Kumropotash, actually Islam is not supposed to be limited into some religious customs.Once again I have to say that Pordah for women do not represent the total Islam. There are a number of obligatory (Faraj)we have to do. Beside Pordah, first establish the other requirements of Islam that is FARAJ. After that, you can try to introduce Pordah everywere in Islam. Konkaboti drew a good example in Zordarn where Pordah is maintained along with working environmet. Islam never says keep your hands apart from work. Nuns in Churches also wear such long and wrapped dresses, but they are not yet been criticised.....why?

Actually its a fasion to blame Islam everywhere without knowing its worthy meaning.

Now, relationship with the social norms and religion............yes, there is that with a high coefficient. But remember, in any society social customs appear first and it changed with the process of evolution. Religious norms are static. But social norms and values are changing with the need of time. As science is always changing, new developments are coming out day by day, so we dont need to step backward with a silly matter like Pordah in Islam. We have to try to find out the basic constraints regarding women Development as well.

People Discussion
(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

Porda is nothing to be ashamed bro. just remember one thing, porda means not Hijab or Borka. Anyway, keep it up.

(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

How would a woman cover her head then?

(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

use scarf, and cover your body the way so people can't measure your figure. this is the basic concept of porda. we developed our own interpretations. we invented borka, hijab etc.

(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

How would you cover you body and head without something like borka, hijab etc.!

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