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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 01, 2002
From: Onti
Konkaboti & Kumro!....................Re: Religion & Women Development

Konkaboti! Conflict is eternal. It will sustain until the earth moves. I am Inspired to join at this discussion.

Hello people! I am a new comer here.

Really its an amazing discussion going on. I am very sorry to interfere myself here. Firstly I would like to pay a lot of thanks to KONKABOTI for initiating such a basic and ignored development factor in Bangladesh that is still remained in obscure. Although the theme shouldn’t be confined into Bangladesh context. It must be aspirated as much as to be global context.

I am extremely sorry to draw attention to Kumropotash. It will be a silly matter to ask you what is the religion. Actually the debaters here confused them their believes, ever seen social norms and religious customs all together. I would like to request you all to keep away the so called religious customs from our current discussion. Actually religion is never conflicting the development process. But development indicators always reported as associated with religion and so called constraints (mostly associated in the developing countries).

Why Religion is not conflicting, let me have a few words to explain. the development process is always accomplished with production. That may be contributed from any sector, Agriculture, Forestry, Industry, Service and so on. There is no religion that say keep your women inside the room without work. From the history of very beginning of the human civilization, you can find that the women are striving for collection and domestication of food materials. The old archaeological heritage of Faraos (in Egypt), Mayas (in Andees), Romans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and lastly in Islam you cant get any conflict about working of women in the production system. Though their believe is quite different from religion to religion but contribution of women is still recognised from the raise of the civilization.

Then what else is conflicting actually and why we are lagging behind the development (particularly in the developing countries as Asia, Africa and South America)? I do agree with the statements of FAZLEY ALAM. Actually he did focus on the tap root of the existing constraints in the sustained development of women not only in Bangladesh but also we can find it in other developing countries as well as in the developed countries also.

Actually everything is strongly governed by the social norms and values. Society regulates ones activity actively or passively either man or woman. If you want to blame about the Pardah of Muslim people, ok I do agree. But it is maintained quietly for different motives in our society. The Islam is not yet confined within the custom of Pordah. You know there are five pillars of Islam. Kalema, Namaj, Roja, Hazz and Zakat. The people who are dedicated to pordah, how often you can get with them the five pillars of Islam? Actually we are running far away from Islam and just being controlled our social customs and norms that is sat upon by some people who are extracting benefits from it.

Now lets have a look on the oder religions. In our subcontinent Hindu Purohits were always patronised by social influential groups. They use to imposed some social barriers for their own interest even they practiced very badly the curse of social cast. Those Purohits and social leaders stratified the profession in the society and women were engaged at home work. They were doing all the job from the early morning to late night and most of that was production oriented. In other religions there were no conflict with man and women working together and both the gender was responsible for production.

So, the women are till working there in the production system but why their individual development is ignored. The one of the major factor may be cited here as the social insecurity for the women. I can draw attention of you people about the tragic death of MAHIMA, YASMIN, SMRITICONA, EITY, SHIMA and so on. The insecurity in the society endangered them and depress all their potentials to be flourished in our country context. So, girls are supposed to be safe to get married rather than to build up her carrier. Even someone is still spiritual and exceptionally have a high aspiration, she had to take a lot of troubles with her children, husband as well as her whole family. This is simply derived from the social environment not from religion. Women in Service, women in work also are being victimised by others due to inconvenient social security and environment. So, Religion never be blamed here.

Once again, Konkaboti is highly appreciated to raise such a evil rooted problem with our about 50% of the productive hands. Kumropotash should to be more patient to concentrate your efforts for identifying problems without blaming religion that is existing on the earth soon after the human civilization.

People Discussion
(Friday, March 01, 2002)

Thanks for your well thought comments.I told them religion can be used to get woman together and educate them.
I also mention our poor economic conditions.Here we are talking about what religion do to help woman and out there our girls are suffering in mid east,India and Pakistan.They are being treated like slaves.And we are doing nothing,our politicians are doing nothing.Its so sad.
Its upto our genaration to change the trend of politics in our country.Its high time that we start doing something about these problems,or we will be the joke of the world for ever.We call ourselves free often,are we really?We need to work more and talk less.Rabindranath once wrote to his son,"Learn something from their that can help your work here(India),don't just get degrees,it only makes people scholar and not a good worker".We have to many expert too,we need worker now.Sorry,to moving away from our original topic.

(Friday, March 01, 2002)

Nice discussion Onti, thanks. and welcome to the discusison and BB.

(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

Religion is not conflicting to you because you are a believer, thus optimistic. You have a meaning for life, to live. So do I.

(Saturday, March 02, 2002)

Blowing buildings and killing innocent people is optimistic? You don’t have a meaning for life if you don’t believe in religion? What about philanthropy?

(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

Kumropatash,Islam does not recommend suicide of any kind.Those people were muslim by birth but that does not make them true muslim.Islam is only religion where it tells its followers to defend oppressed people regardless of their religion(22:39,40).It tells muslim not to destroy the enemys house or even a tree.Now we have Jeneva convention to tell us how to treat pows,Islam tought us that long before anyone else.Islam is a religion of peace,now some of its followers can do something owful but that doesn't make all muslim evil.

(Sunday, March 03, 2002)

But islam promises heaven if you die of religious war! That’s more than enough motivation for a believer to engage in such suicidal activities as I have already pointed it out!

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