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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 01, 2002
From: bd_KonkaBoti
** Men are from Mars..Women are from Venus**

One day long ago, the Martians, looking through their telescopes, discovered the Venusians. Just glimpsing the Venusians awakened feelings they had never known. They fell in love and quickly invented space travel and flew to Venus. The Venusians welcomed Martians with open arms. They had intuitively known that this day would come. Their hearts opened wide to a love they had never felt before.

The love between Venusians and Martians was magical. They delighted in being together, doing things together, and sharing together. Though from different worlds, they reveled in their differences. They spent months learning about each other, exploring and appreciating their different needs, preferences, and behavior patterns. For years they lived together in love and harmony. Then they decided to fly to Earth. In the beginning everything was wonderful and beautiful. But the effects of Earths atmosphere took hold, and one morning everyone woke up with a particular type of amnesia – selective amnesia. Both Martians and Venusians forgot that THEY WERE FROM DIFFERENT PLANETS & WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT.

In one morning everything they had learn about their differences was erased from their memory, and since that day men and women have been in conflict.

(Men are from mars and women are from venus: John Gray;1992)

People Discussion
(Friday, March 01, 2002)

Sounds like a modern day Adam & Eve story!

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

oronney rodon korchhen aapni.

(Monday, March 04, 2002)

KonkaBoti key bolechhi.

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