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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Religion & Women Development (for Rony Salman & Fazle alam babu)

Rony Salman, there was a time when people used to believe the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. “Most common and familiar” don’t automatically make a belief or practise right! What I am saying is meant for Pardeshi as well as anyone else who supports religion blindly instead of resorting to logic. Fazle alam babu, it’s true that the government is trying to promote girl education. But the reality is that more girls than boys in Bangladesh are deprived of education and part of this is because of the influence of religion. Ok let’s not talk about Afghanistan. Do you have data to prove that the literacy rate among women in the Middle East countries is higher than or equal to that among men? I agree that religion itself is not good or bad, it depends on the people who use it. Religion was created by human beings and since its inception, it has been used to serve the interests of certain groups of people only.

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Wednesday, February 27, 2002)

Kumro, are you saying that religion is something solely created by human beings and those Quranic verses are not sent from God? Then I don’t have anything to talk with you about it anymore.
Quranic verses never changed, the explanation might have changed from time to time, the knowledge of science on the other hand changed from time to time, we only take the latest ones for true!

I talked in support of Pardeshi only when you stepped on him with ‘If you can’t explain everything about islam, you should have given the link long before!’ and I thought we were loosing a constructive discussion here and rancorous feelings were taking over!

Fazle alam babu
(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

kumropotash,bangladesher meyera shikkha-bonchito eta dhormer dosh noy borong er jonay amader arthik o shamajik obostai daee.bangladesher prekkhapote ekti meye(shadharon shikkhaye shikkhito)kokhonoi ekti cheler shomoporiman uparjone shokkhom noy,tai odhikangsho mata-pitai tader chele shontantike shikkhito korte chaye.moddha prachay(Middle East)shonporke ami temon ekta janina,tobe amar mone hoy oder prakritik shonpoder prachurzotai oder (chele/meye)shikkha-bimukhotar prodhan karon.islamer shornozuge kintu mohilader modhey o onek boro boro alem chilen.
zodi torker khatire dhore o nei ze dhormo manusher sristi tobu o bolte hoy eta kintu kharap uddeshe sristi kora hoy ni,zemon- dynamite.ekhane beboharkarir dristibhongee i prodhan.netibachok dristibhongir cheye itibachok dristibhonge i ki kammoy noy?
tai eta bola zaye dhormo kokhonoi nari-unnotir jonay badha noy;borong shoayok!
GOD bless you!

(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

Fazle alam babu, dhormo naree unnotir badha noy, tobe dhormer bhul bekkha naree unnotir shob cheye boro badha! naree der control korar jonno, use ebong abuse korar jonno juge juge dhormoke bebohar kora hoeyche.purushera koreche eta tader sharthey. Naree shikkhar-o shob cheye boro badha dhormer bhul bekkha. Khuub shohoj exapmle: bangladesher je shomosto district-e dhormio unmadona beshi, sekhane naare shikkhar haar kom, birth rate behsi, sei shomosto jelay onek behsi naare violence er shikar. example hishebe Chittagong, Cox'd bazar, Barishal aar sylhet-er kotha bola jay.

Apni arthik aar shamajik obosthar kotha boelchen. arthik bepartar cheyeo shamajik bishoyta oneek beshi important naaree unnotir jonno. shamajik bebosthar mool holo dhormio onuvuti, dhormio unmadona ja aamder social system and velues ke toiri kore.

(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

How do you know I am supporting religion blindly.Don't talk like you know me.You have no idea what I know.I stop responding to you because you are taking it personally and you are attacking something that so many people respect and love.No one is forcing you to be anything.Most of the people here don't even know you,why would they give a damn if you are a muslim or not.Be nice to people and learn to respect others opinion,can you do that or is this against your logic too.Some people have eyes,they look at things but they can't see anything.Its impossiable to show them the way.

Fazle alam babu
(Friday, March 01, 2002)

bd_konkaboti,e nie torker obokash nei je dhormer bhul bekkha i nari nirzaton ebong purusher shecchacharitar(khetro bishesh) onnotomo karon,tai eta dur korar jonno shokolke(bishesh kore shikkhito nari/kushngoshkarmukto purush)ekjoge kaj korte hobe.
ami o apnar shathe ek mot ze shamajik bishoytai onek beshi important,tobe amar mne hoy shudu dhormio unmadonai shamajik bebosta o mulloybodher ek matro karon noy.shob cheye boro upadan holo shikkha,jehetu bangladeshe shamogrik shikkhar har kom tai shamajik kushongshkar ebong poschadpodota o beshi.
"ortho i shokol onorther mul". unnoto bissher kothao kintu gorib deshgulor moto oshikkha,shontrash,naree-nirzaton ittokar shamajik ku-bebosthagulo eto bepok noy.
tai bolte hoy,shikkha bistar ebong orthonoitik mukti i hote pare e shokol obebosthaponar mul protishedhok.

(Friday, March 01, 2002)

Fazle alam babu, religion is one of the factors that hinders the spread of education in Bangladesh (especially among the female population). You are saying when people become educated, they will stop exploiting religion. Have you ever heard of the saying, “shorsher vitorei bhut!”

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