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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2002
From: pardeshi
Eso Desh Gari/Lets fix our country

Its clear to me that all of you out there love Bangladesh so dearly.And its also obvious that we all want change in Bangladesh.
Are we going to wait for the rest of our life for someone to come and rescue us? Or we do something about it.
Lets start now,lets form an organization now.We will welcome people from all walks of life,regardless of their religion.Only quality they need to have is a desire to help the needy.This organizations primary goal would be to provide education to poor.Eventually,we would provide treatment and other assistence as we grow.
I suggest 'Kanka' as the first President of this organization for a two year term.We can put togather a group of board members who will advice her to perform her duties.
Now the main question 'MONEY'.Where are the money coming from?Well,it will come from all kind of different sources.First source should be us(Bangladeshis living abroad).We will go to all the International Organizations.Also we will ask people of our country to help.I don't think money would be a problem.
We don't have to change everything overnight,lets start with one single mother and we will grow from there.Trust me this is doable and we can make a difference.Take care everyone.

People Discussion
Fazle alam babu
(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

I think this is a good idea but you have to together all of members physically for forming an u will wanna do this please explain
wish your success

(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

Sounds great to me!! thanks pordesi. I don't think money is a big problem.

However, already more then 7000 NGOs are working in BD for the same reason. How our one will be different then them??

(Thursday, February 28, 2002)

Babu we don't have to get together now,eventually we will.I am not doing it alone,for next two year Kanka will led and we will help her.
Does these NGO's fixed all our problem,or we have areas that can use more help.Kanka,ours will be different because of our personal involvement and devotion.Take your time and sit on it for some time.You don't have to do this,if you think you can't make a difference.My father gave some land for a girls Collage.More land is there and I have plans for them,mainly to use them for helping people.For now we start small and grow slowly that way we don't run out of money.
If you think you can do this then you will open an account and post the account number on this site,so anyone willing to help can send money.Take care.

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