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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 21, 2001
From: slimshady
shybal preme habo dobo kas che

u know guys my buddy shybal
always support girls
like april here nick is ri fat in b2k and also mention in b2k that love sux hahahaha he doesnt trust girls what is these some bunch of bull shitt from the junk yard or what and he is also try 2 be a macho man in b2k threating people and girls he is go nna ban there ip adress and another thing i didnt mention if love love sux 2 him how come he is always after those girls <<> those who cant even stand him . shybal is a hero in swearing at people thats for sure but he is azero in how 2 convince a girl hahahahhahahha

People Discussion
(Monday, May 21, 2001)

thx to givin' me an opportunty to write back in the discussion box,slimshady. don't u think that u make urself fuuny n down at me? shybal always called "love suxxxxxxxxxx" n he 'll till his last breath. bein' support someone or added some lyrics isn't fall in love. however i feel sorry n pity to 've a friend like u n how dare u to blame run after a gl(where shybal dislike a buggin' chatter n its all known)
none can't tell but few good friends,,,,like u,slimshady.on the other hand,shybal used to call himself a "bad ass",,,,'caz of u guys n u know better than some freaks what's really shybal is!!!!!!

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

"B2K didn't allow me to complete my discussion in one chance n soory for that to u readers"
for ur informatin, shybal ain't a "gay" as he would run afer a guy. he does talk with both gender(mostly gls).u could say,,,,,yeah!!!!!shybal doesn't talk with all chatters(so called) in here (b2k) n does such things toward ppl n u know why,simshady. meanwhile,shybal doesn't has to prove his gutts(what u called macho man) n its all known. but 'm certainly sure that u r sufferin' in jealousy complex. get it up man get it upppppppppp. yeahhhhhh!!!!!!! u r right, shybal doesn't know how to kiss a gl's feet(what u called convince) n 'm really appreciate at u to let ppl know. 'caz that ain't shybals style to kiss a gl feet but ppl,like u,simshady.

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

"i couldn't complete my expression 'caz of b2k's words limit n there i go again"
slimshady, u think i would stop in here n stop hurtin' ur feelin's. as well to let ppl know ur ignorance(some places/lines u didn't make ne senses what i had to guess n stood me to answer at u)
so, it would be better for u n rest of chatters,,,like u to stop talkin' nonsense n don't let shybal to open his stink mouth and destroy our friendship(u n me).ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!by the way, don't drink to much drink which r really cheap n gonna harmful for ur thinkin' (freak) mind n health(hahahahahaahahahaaaa)
do i make clear myself, Rony?????????

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

rony, ami toka hurt korta chai na kintu "bandhu" hiseba boli, tui sekhanker school-a ja n don't work like a slave. ami "slave" sabdo ta toka raghabar janno bolashi,,,kintu ragh korish n,,,pls(kutta).ami jani, tui ekhon bolbi tui "MCI"-ta kaj korish n bla bla ki lakkho kora dekhashish, amaka ki ki bolchish? sei hiseba, ami toka kishu bolini. neway, tui kishu kick pawna roili n 'll look forwar, Rony

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

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