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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, February 03, 2002
From: pardeshi
President Bush's speech

Paul,from Richmond,Ca wrote in 'La Times'.........
I am so pleased to see that our courageous president is commited to doing 'whatever it takes' to eliminate terrorism.I Guess that means he's finally going to stop aid to Isreal until that country ends it cruel subjugation of the Palestinian land and people.Its about time we did something serious about terrorism.
I want to add one more thing to it.Give Palestinian people their homeland back or peace will never come.Its surprising to see the whole world being silent about Isreal's behavior and arrogance.My question is what do they have that no one have the guts to question their way to work toward so called peace.

People Discussion
(Monday, February 04, 2002)

Israel holds some of the most important and influential positions in the US - that makes them so powerful. Poor Paul must be dreaming when he said "I Guess that means he's finally going to stop aid to Israel until that country ends its cruel subjugation of the Palestinian land and people!" Itís one thing to be optimistic and itís another to be naÔve!

(Tuesday, February 05, 2002)

Not really,in Bush's cabinet no one is from there.There is more to it.What about EU,why they don't try hard to find a way out of all these senseless killings.

(Tuesday, February 05, 2002)

You donít need to have representative people in your cabinet to be biased toward a certain group of people! That will only prove that you are biased! Shrewd people work in a much smarter way! For example, there can always be a shadow government! In case of the US, the economy (people with money) controls everything including politics and most of the times, we donít hear about the kingpin. The world economy moves along with that in the US. If there is going to be a recession in the US, it will also affect the rest of the world with lead or lag effects. EU knows that just as the other developed countries. Thatís why depending on interests, we frequently see informal groupings like CANZ, JUSCANZ and EUJUSCANZ and rarely see a spontaneous consensus between the north and the south (formerly the west and the east).

(Friday, February 08, 2002)

I think the speech is really significant for the palestaine people as well as peace. but how can we trust ? you know the reallity.

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