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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, February 03, 2002
From: saroar
Ekhono Bhoe Shudhu Awami League -e!!!

Bagh, Shap, Bicchu, Hayena othoba Shoitan, parthibo kono kichuete aamar bhoi naie! Bhoe shudhu Awami League -e!!!

People Discussion
(Sunday, February 03, 2002)

What about BNP and the other political parties? They are all equally evil!

(Monday, February 04, 2002)

bhoiongkor kaarjokarita ebong bibhotsotar govirota jodi porimaper mapkathi hoi, tobe sei mapkathir nirikhe saroar thiki boleche, tai bole annorau dhoua tulshi pata noi.
amader projonmer unnoto charitrik bikash e kebol abosthar poriborton ante sakkhom.

Nirbak Shrota
(Monday, February 04, 2002)

Ami Saroar er shathe aak mot!! AL hocche ashol evil. Tara mithabadi..

(Monday, February 04, 2002)

I agree with shubachon. All the political parties are evil we should not give any credit to any party for being less evil! However I am a bit pessimistic and I don't think our generation will change! It will continue like the way it is now!

(Tuesday, February 05, 2002)

It is changing,may be slowly but its happening.More and more businesses are being turned over to private sectors.This is a good move,so don't just oppose everything,pay attention whats going on and its okey to appreciate nice things.With time things will get better, for a change do something for your country,every little positive things help.Do your part and you will see how our country changes.

(Tuesday, February 05, 2002)

I am not optimistic like you Pardeshi especially about this issue but I will be more than happy if I am wrong!

(Friday, February 08, 2002)

Pardeshi have you read the news item "Govt to go slow on privatisation" on this website? As long as the system is corrupted, nothing is supposed to work!

(Monday, February 11, 2002)

But something is being done.Its a start and to make our life better we have to try.People are fed up and politicians know that.So they have no other option but change our system for greater good.Now people are burning other people and if nothing changes next time it might be some big shot political leader who will face the same fate.

(Sunday, July 21, 2002)

I can be your very good friend. I really value friendship!!! If you are morally self-satisfied

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