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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, February 02, 2002
From: shubachon
Garden of Friendship

B2K Chat Room is a Garden of Friendship
The Garden of Friendship is a very special place...
This is where the flowers of friendship grow and flourish.
The beauty of friendship, like the beauty of flowers, is hard to describe in words.
There are many kinds of friends, just as there are many different kinds of flowers, and each has its own unique beauty to offer.
There are friends who share our paths briefly at different points in our lives, while others stay close to us year after year.
Some are vibrant and admired for their strength, while others are delicate whispers of color whose gentleness always has a special place in our hearts.
We all meet many different kinds of friends along the path of life, each adding their own color and joy and beauty to our days.
My life has been blessed by the many wonderful friends in it. They are the full and beautiful blossoms in my garden.
And I would like to let all of them know how I feel about them and how special I think they are.
I am very lucky to have each of my friends in my garden of life and I love them all!
Thank You for Being My Friend!

People Discussion
cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, February 02, 2002)

well writen Light .
ya u r right
Garden of friendshif

(Saturday, February 02, 2002)

Nice allegory shubachon!

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