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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2001
From: slimshady
april in another dimenson

hey people u know i a,m
tired of listening her love poems or love song on the bulletin coz if whe have 2 listen whe can turn our cd player or turn 2 fm i am getting sick and tired of her love songs and one thing tell her no do that plzzzzzzzzzzz

People Discussion
(Sunday, May 20, 2001)

you are a great stupid that's why you don't like a song.Song is song.So brother please don't make any comments and whenever you make comment about others try to do it decently.By the way,I think you wanted those song dedicated for you.But sorry,i can't.Ask shybal,he will answer you why i can't.Am i right shybal?

(Sunday, May 20, 2001)

oiiiiii gadha, kutta rony,,tui off jaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! tui gaan-er ki bujbi, tarpora-o ekta naam use karosh "slim-shaddy"

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

Babba.... shybal slim ke bolchhe.." tui gaan-er ki bujbi.."!!!!!

Shybal, tumi nije gaan bojho.... amar to mone hoy naa... tomar moto erokom akta damn stupid "gaan" bujhte paare...!!!

Ki bolo shobaai...??!!

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

chupppppppppp bunooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! ami gaan buji kintu gaan-er sutha samporkito crap(love) buji na(hahaahahahaaaaaa)

tumi ki "damn stupid" bola amar agher likher ushil nila(confuse)??????? ami kintu mind korini,,,,sutha aro kisu "biseshon" laghata paro.

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